You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


16. chapter15

"How's the food here?" I ask.
"You tell me." He takes a spoon full of his green slop and moves it close to me.
I shake my head but James moves the spoon closer and closer; so I lean back but he continues.
"James I'm serious, stop!" I yell.
I lean back on the stairs and James moves closer and closer with the spoon. I suddenly feel a multiple shadows on us, I look up and guess who's gang is there.
"So this is who you dump me for." Niall states.
The bell rings and everyone scrambles into the hallways. James gathers his things and walks away, but Harry and Zayn grab him and pin him to the wall. I run to Zayn and wrap my arm around his neck. I pull him to the floor, I get on top of him, and punch his face repeatedly. He attempts to punch back but I dodge them and I see blood coming out of his nose and mouth.
"Grab the bitch!" I hear Harry yell.
Louis and Liam take hold of my arms and pull me off of Zayn. They hold me and push me to my knees. I grunt and try to shake them off, I look up at Liam "And here I thought you were the decent one." I say.
"You just have to understand-" Niall cuts him off.
"So you really want to be single?" He says as he leans down to be face to face "Let's see how long that will last, shall we?"
He walks over to James "Do you remember what I said would happen if any other guy flirted with you?"
Oh no, he can't do this to James, he just started warming up to me.
"Leave him out of this you motherfucker!" I shout.
He laughs and suddenly punches James in his stomach. I shake myself vigorously but these two won't budge. I look up at Liam with my best sad and desperate face "Please, stop him." I choke out.
He looks away and I take my arm away from him. I punch Louis' face, sweep Liam's legs so he falls on his back. I run and jump on Niall's back, I cover his eyes and wrap my arm around his neck.
"James, run!" I yell.
Harry and Zayn run to Niall and I, James stands there staring at me. Harry wraps his arms around me and pulls me off Niall, I kick and flail my arms everywhere.
"Put her down!" James yells.
He punches Harry and helps me up, silence breaks when I hear a click. I look back and Niall's pointing a gun to James and me. We both slowly turn towards him, James puts his hands up in surrender and I cross my arms.
"Elena, get over here." Niall demands.
"Or what, you'll kill me?" I say in annoyance.
"Nope. I'll kill him." Niall points the gun to James.
I move myself in front of James "Just try."
I hear a gunshot and I close my eyes and jump a bit. I look down and there is no blood. I look up and Harry falls to the floor. I cover my mouth in horror as Louis and Zayn run to him. Liam and Niall put their hands up in surrender, I look back and Jay is pointing his gun to Niall.
"Get in the car." He says without emotion.
I nod, grab my back, and drag James with me.
"No." Jay says "Not him."
"Yes, he's coming too." I demand.
"This is not a negotiation." He retorts.
"Exactly my point." I hold James' hand and I lead him to the car.
I walk to the car and I tell James to get in. I close the door and James' face is a mixture of confused and 'what the fuck just happened?'.
"What the fuck just happened?!" He screams.
"If I could tell you I would." I say.
"Bullshit, I have a right to know! I almost fucking died!" He winces as he leans back in the seat.
"How bad is it?" I ask him.
He lifts his shirt up and exposes his bruises. I lightly brush my hand over his stomach and he flinches.
"I'm sorry."
"It's fine."
"No, it's not this is why I moved, everyone around me always gets hurt!" I yell as I punch the car seat.
I burry my face in my hands and I feel a hand begin to rub my back. I look up and James is trying to smile at me through his pain. I smile back and the driver's door opens.
"I'm taking you to another location. Where does he live?" Jay asks as he starts the car.
"He's coming with us." I demand.
"No, he will just slow us down."
"He almost died! He's not going anywhere alone."
Jay looks at James and begins to drive. I buckle my seatbelt and I help James put his on over his bruises.
"What about Ru-John and Bianca?" I ask Jay.
"They will be picked up and we will meet them there."
I nod and James taps my arm, I turn to him "Who is he?" he points to Jay.
"I promise I'll explain everything later." I whisper.
After two hours of driving Jay finally stops, I look out the window and it's a small house with a pond and it's surrounded by trees. Jay gets out of the car and when I reach to take off my seatbelt I see James, asleep on my arm. He reminds me of a younger Rudy, I smile at how much they actually look alike. I lightly shake his shoulder, he groans, I shake him harder "James, we're here." I say.
He opens his eyes "Sorry, I'm just really worn out, with the fight, plus I haven't eaten anything all day." He says groggily.
"Let me help you then." I take off his seatbelt and I pull his arm over me and I help him out of the car.
I drag him to the house, while he stumbles with his weak legs. Jay holds the door open, I pull James in, and I lay him down on the nearest piece of furniture. I make him comfortable on what looks like a couch, everything is hidden in the dark. All of a sudden lights turn on and illuminate the living room. There's a couch, a recliner, a small TV, a coffee table, and in the corner a kitchen. I look at James and he's trying hard not to fall asleep "James, what have you actually eaten today?" I ask.
He shakes his head and breathes out the word nothing. I place my hand on his forehead, he's burning up, I feel some sweat on his head. I run to the kitchen, I rummage through all the cabinets until I find a can of chicken noodle soup. I look for a pot, I find one and pour the soup in, I turn on the stove and put the pot on. I go back to James and kneel down next to him, I take off my cardigan and use it to wipe off his sweat. I go back to the kitchen and I soak my cardigan with cold water. I return to James and I wipe his face with my cardigan. He winces and sucks in air as if it was -47 degrees in here. I move his hair out of his face "Elena-"
I shush him "Don't waste your energy on talking." I say as I wipe his face again.
I go back to the kitchen, I stir the soup, and Jay walks in and comes over to me.
"I am retrieving your siblings, do not leave or go outside. Stay here and tend to the boy."
"James." I correct him.
He nods and goes out the door, I pour some of the soup into a bowl and I grab a spoon. I walk back to James and I kneel down beside him again. I take a spoonful and blow the steam away.
"Like I promised, I'm going to tell you everything," I move it to his mouth and he drinks it, "first of all; my name is Victoria Serrano and I'm in witness protection program." I give James another spoonful, "My ex boyfriend is a very clingy gang leader who almost killed me, he'll stop at nothing to get what belongs to him." I give him another spoonful.
"What does he want from you?" James asks.
"Just my complete devotion. My parents abandoned me and my siblings 9 years ago back in Brazil. My older twin brother and sister brought me to California 7 years ago. My brother enrolled himself in the army and my sister took care of me. My ex marine brother has tried to fight him, but my ex doesn't play by any rules. My pregnant sister is probably going to give birth to my nephew in this lie we call a life." I give him another spoonful.
I feed James the rest of the bowl and his temperature has gone down a bit and he looks better than before.
James tries to sit up but I force him back down "No, you need to rest."
I grab a folded blanket and I cover James with it. I sit down on the recliner, I take off my tie, and I sit there until James falls asleep. I walk out to the pond, I sit down next to the pond, and I look at my reflection.
Who are you? I don't know you, where is Victoria?! This is all your fault, you made everything go wrong, if you never fucked Niall this would have never happened! This is all your fault, this is all your fault, this is all your fault, this is all my fault.
"This is all my fault!" I yell as I slap the surface of the water.

I burry my face into my hands as I let the tears fall. I hear footsteps coming towards me, I don't react because I know who it is. He places his hand on my back "I'm sorry." He says.

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