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15. Chapter14

I wake up and I groan at the thought of a new school also Niall and his friends will be there. I rub my eyes as I stand up and head to the bathroom. I yawn, then splash my face with water, brush my teeth, my hair, and I use a towel to wipe away the dirt and toothpaste off my face. I head back to my room and I take out the uniform that I have to wear, a white buttoned up shirt with a dark green cardigan, a dark green tie, and a black skirt. Why a skirt, the one piece of clothing I hate most in the world.
I put on the uniform with some normal black socks and black Vans, I decide to take my old locket instead of the one Niall gave me. I clip it on and I hide it under my shirt, lastly I put on my contacts. I grab my back pack, my phone and I feel it vibrate.
"Hello?" I answer.
"It's about fucking time you answered your phone."
"Fuck, I didn't check the caller ID."
"Haha very funny, I'm taking you to school."
"No you're not, someone else is driving."
"I'll beat the shit out of him, what's his name?"
"Bye Niall." I coo.
I hang up, put my phone in my back pack and I head downstairs. I take an apricot from the fruit bowl and I go outside to meet with Jay. I find him looking at his watch as he waits for me with his hands behind his back.
"Morning Jay." I say with a mouth full of apricot.
"You're late." He tells me emotionlessly.
"By 3 minutes?"
"I'm a girl I take longer." I say with a shrug.
Jay opens the backdoor for me and I slide in. I buckle up and I take another bite of my fruit. Jay starts the car and I look out the window throughout the whole drive. Jay pulls up to a huge building made of bricks with endless corridors.
"I will be waiting here when you are finished with your academics." Jay tells me.
"Thanks Jay." I say as I get out of the car.
I walk to the part of the school that says Main Hall, I walk in and ignore the stares I receive as I walk to the front desk. A very old blonde woman sits in front of a computer screen.
"Excuse me, I'm new here and I'm very lost."
"That's okay dear, just hand over your schedule." She stands up, I give her my schedule,and she goes to a back room. She comes back with a boy who has light brown hair,baby blue eyes, and a grin on his face. "James this is Elena, Elena this is James."
"Nice to meet you." I say as I extend my hand.
He takes my schedule and walks away, I look at the old woman puzzled "He's very anti social." She explains.
"I've been there." I mumble as I follow James.
He doesn't take his eyes off of my schedule as we walk side by side to wherever he's leading me.
"Where are you taking me?" I ask.
He looks at me and his mouth opens but then shuts as we make a right turn. We reach a locker and he gives me my schedule back.
"Your first period is up those stairs, room 207, this is your locker, and here is your combination." He turns around but before he could get away I grab his arm.
"Hey. Why such a rush to ditch me?" I ask playfully.
"Listen I know your type, conceited, rude, arrogant, vain, stuck up, pretty girl who would rather shop than go to school, and the only reason you want to talk to me is so that I can either show you to your classes or you'll need me as a back up when you didn't do the homework." He spits out, that is the one thing I hate most in this world is assumptions like that.
Everything he thought about me was completely wrong, I want to help this kid get out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Mainly because I see a bit of my old self in him and I wish someone like me came along and helped me out, instead of George. He also seems like the new me, very out spoken and brutally honest.
"My "type" you mean lonely nerds who would rather listen to music than socialize. I wasn't always like this" I gesture to myself "I used to be just like you but then some low life got into my head and fucked it all up for me. He ruined my life and now I have a second chance and I'm not wasting it. All those adjectives you used don't come close to who I am, maybe the rude part, but either way I just want to be your friend and help you make eye contact with people. And if you still think about me that way, that's fine, just remember, would an arrogant pretty girl say all this just to make one person change their opinion?" I see the look on his face and it's a mixture of anger, sorrow and shock.
He starts to slow clap as if congratulating me. I look at him with confusion.
"That was a very good performance, where was that from Mean Girls or The Fault In Our Stars?" He asks.
I scoff "I was wrong about you, your nothing like me at all. At least I try to be nice to people."
Before he could retort Niall pushes James into the lockers and stares him down.
"You should get the fuck away from my girlfriend before I get mad." He states.
"Leave him alone motherfucker!" I yell as I push Niall away from James.
I give James an 'Are you Okay?' nod but he just speed walks away. I look back at Niall, who is actually wearing the school uniform; beige jeans, white collar shirt, and his green tie. He is the angriest I have ever seen him. His face is red and veins are popping up everywhere, his hands are in tight fists.
"Are you mentally retarded or just naturally?!" I yell at him, it's a good thing everyone's mainly in the quad.
"Are you still mad at me, I was never going to let Roman have you!" He responds, relaxing his face and body.
I chuckle as I use the combination to open up my locker "If you think that's why I'm mad then I'm going back to being single." I say calmly while I take out some notebooks and put them in my locker.
"What." He asks sternly.
I close my locker, turn the dial and strap my back pack on "I'm dumping you, because you obviously don't have the slightest clue about anything." I walk away but he grabs my arm and slams me into the lockers I groan in pain and Niall moves closer to me.
"Are you sure you want to do this again?" He says worried but also threatening.
I nod and his face softens as he kisses my lips. I keep mine still until he pulls back. He looks at me and punches the lockers before he storms off. I grab my backpack and I hear the bell ring, soon the hallways are flooded with people bustling to get to class. I try to remember where James said my first period was, I walk upstairs and look for room 207. I find those numbers painted on the door, I walk in and I give the teacher my schedule. She reads it over and tells me to sit in the desk that is in front of her desk. I obey as the second bell rings "Alright, you're all seniors so I shouldn't have to explain what my expectations are for you. All of you have been at this school for at least a year, therefore you know the test schedules and your way around this campus. All except one, Miss. Carrillo, may you stand here and introduce yourself?"
She gestures for me to stand in front of the board next to her desk, I stand up and I hear someone make a 'whooing' sound. I roll my eyes "Hi, I'm Elena and I just moved to Mullingar 3 days ago from Los Angeles California."
"Any questions?" The teacher asks the students, 10 people raise their hands.
She picks one boy sitting in the back "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
I giggle "I'm from California not heaven."
A girl with a ponytail and glasses "What was your old school like?"
"It was very old and underprivileged, but the teachers were great."
A boy with black combed over hair "Are you single?" He makes everyone in the class laugh and I laugh too.
"Umm, yes I am single." I respond.
I look around and most of the guys smile and high five the person next to them. I look at a certain desk and there sits Louis, Oh Shit. I'm never going to hear then end of this.
"Okay enough questions please have a seat." I sit back down "Now this year will be your hardest and easiest-"
The rest of that class was her talking about the year in her class and what we'll need. My next class is History and I look for the room which is only about a hallway from my first period. I walk in and I give the man who looks like the teacher, he smiles and greets me. The bell rings and my body stiffens when I see Niall walk in, who knew he was the school type, "Alright everyone, this is Elena Carrillo she has moved here from California." He gestures to me and I wave "Tell us about yourself."
"Well I'm 17, I like music, and I live with my dad and aunt." I announce, making Niall bite his lip at me.
"Questions?" The teacher asks, and guess whose hand is up.
A girl with curly brown hair "Are your parents divorced?"
Here we go again, I look down and clear my throat "No actually, I uh don't have a mom." I crack my voice a bit.
"I'm so sorry I-I didn't mean to-" I cut her off.
"It's okay." I add.
"No more family related questions." The teacher instructs.
Niall's question "Are you single?"
I look him straight in the eyes "Yes. I am currently single." I smirk.
His jaw tightens and his hands ball into fists.
Another boy with black combed over hair "How was California?"
"Hotter and sunnier." I say, making everyone but Niall laugh.
The teacher tells me to take a seat and thank God there is an empty one in the back far from Niall. I walk down the aisle without making eye contact with Niall. I hear a cough and the word slut. I turn around and Niall is giggling, I slap his head and everyone gasps. I don't wait for his and everyone else's reaction, the teacher tells us both to calm it down. I sit in the empty desk and I hear a 'psst' sound, I turn and the same guy who asked me if I was single in my first period is looking at me.
"Don't I know you?" I ask.
"Yeah, I'm in your first period. I'm Adam. You have some whits taking on Niall Horan, and on your first day."
"Why would you say that?" I ask.
"Well, here's an analogy: you standing up to Niall is a Jew standing up to Hitler." My eyes widen, is Niall that threatening here?
"Why is everyone so scared of him?" I whisper.
"For starters he's the leader of the number one gang in Mullingar, he's banged almost every girl here, I think he has enpregnated 4 girls already, and I heard him and his gang have killed 15 people all together."
Woah, that's way better than George's reputation. Wait a fucking minute, he's slept with almost every girl here and already has at least 4 kids. Now there's no way in hell I'm getting back with that STD infected player. The teacher shushes us and we apologize and Niall looks back and half smiles and I give him my death stare. His face changes to confused and he mouths the word 'what' to me, I turn my head as I tap my desk to the ticking of the clock on the wall.
I walk to the cafeteria and I see a line of people and a big sign that reads 'Full Meal £20- Snacks £10-5'. Guess no lunch today, I'm starving though, I go outside and it's a whole field of kids sitting or standing while eating their food. I spot a certain light-brown haired boy eating alone on the steps, I head over and before he could sprint away I grab his arm and pull him back down.
"Oh no you don't James." I say as I sit down next to him.
"What do you want from me?" He says in annoyance.
I extend my hand out to him "A second first impression." I answer.
He stares with a 'WTF' face, I nod and he sighs in defeat as he shakes my hand "Hi there, I'm James Callow."
"Hello James, I'm Elena Carrillo nice to meet you."

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