You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


12. Chapter11

I fall out of the chair and I see my life flash before my eyes. I feel Niall grab my hand.
"Niall you motherfucker! I told you to stop!"
"I'm so sorry! Please keep holding my hand beautiful!"
"I don't have a choice! Niall, Niall, Niall please don't let me go! Please don't let me fall!"
"I won't Elena just hold on!"
I can hear people yelling and telling us to stay put. I hear another screech and click, this chair can't hold us both. Right now I have to make a choice, stay like this until the chair brakes even more, or let go and let Niall have a chance. I look up at Niall who is struggling to keep his balance.
"Niall, this chair can't hold us both."
"No, no, no, no, no,no don't say that Elena!"
"Niall listen, if anything happens tell my dad and aunt I love them."
"No stop it, I'm not letting you go!"
I try to pry my hand off but Niall uses every ounce of energy to keep holding on to me.
"Just let go!"
"Why not?! Answer me Niall Horan!"
"Because I'm in love with you!"
What, Niall Horan just said he was in love with me. Now this is going to be hard.
"You're what?"
"You heard me!"
"Let go."
"I just told you I'm i-"
"I'm going to swing myself to that bar and I'll hold on there!"
"I-I don't know, are you sure?"
"As I'll ever be."
He hesitates but finally nods, he swings me a bit, and I look for a good spot to grab.
He lets go and I jump to the bar and hug it with all my mite. I feel myself stable and I open my eyes to see I didn't fall. I hold up a thumbs up and everyone on the ground cheers. I hear Niall laugh in happiness and I can also hear the chair screech and click again.
"Niall sit on the pole behind you!" He nods and slowly moves to the pole that is curved and sits on it like how he sits on a wall.
The chair then screeches one last time before it falls to the ground.
"Hey we called the police they'll be here in a couple of minutes, just hold on!"
I scream back to them that we'll be fine, I try to climb up the pole to sit on the opposite side of Niall. I extend my hand and grab the pole, this is where my gymnastics background kicks in. I pull myself up and put one leg over and I sit on the pole sideways.
"Do you think this was Roman?" I ask Niall.
"I don't- ..... Holy shit, that little fucker."
"He really went that far?"
"You don't know Roman."
"Who is he anyways?"
"He's the leader of a gang that wants to control Mullingar. The boys and I got into it with them once, we got beaten pretty bad, but not as bad as him."
"So this is revenge."
"Yeah, I'm so sorry Elena I didn't mean to get you in this shit."
"It's fine, none of this is new to me."
He smiles at me and I smile back "Hello up there!" Someone yells.
I look down and I see ambulances and firetrucks everywhere.
"Yes just hurry!"
I feel the wind pick up and I shiver again and I get down and hug the pole. I see Niall acting casual and swinging his feet.
"Ma'am, just give me your hand."
I look over and accidentally look down I flinch and go back and shake my head.
"I can't I'm scared of heights."
"Just slowly give me your hand."
I look at him and slowly take off my hand from the pole to the firefighter. He pulled me off and I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Hey, don't get too close to him!" I hear Niall yell.
I giggle and I finally see I'm back on the ground.
"Okay, now just go over to the paramedics and they'll check you out." The firefighter tells me as he slowly lets me down.
I nod and walk over to the ambulance. They ask me if I'm injured and I answer no even though they still take multiple tests.
After that is sorted out they give me a blanket and I cover myself. I see Rudy and Rose emerge from the yellow tape and I run to Rudy's arms. I hug his waist and bury my head into his shirt.
"I was so scared." I say in between sobs.
"I'm so sorry Vicky." My brother tells me.
I back away and hug Rose.
"I love you baby sis." Rose says.
I cry and she kisses my forehead. She looks over at Rudy and he nods. I look at them in confusion, probably a twin thing.
"We talked on the ride over here, and we think it's best that you and Niall break up."
"What? Why?"
"Well, listen Vicky we th-" Rudy cuts her off and gets to the point.
"Every time he's near you you almost fucking die. What if next time-" He stops talking already knowing what he means. "I don't want to lose anymore family."
"But all of those times he saved my life." I respond.
"I don't care you're not dating that little gang banger any more."
"You can't tell me-"
"Wanna bet?" Rudy takes a step closer and tries to scare me.
"I'm sorry, he's just too much like George."
"Listen carefully this is what you're going to tell him..."

Niall's P.O.V
"Sir, we're just doing our job."
"And I already fucking told you, I'm fine."
The paramedic finally gives up and leaves me alone. How did this happen, it was supposed to be a sentimental moment when I told her how I felt not a near death experience. I was going to give her her old necklace, then the one Zayn made. He made a solid silver heart pendant with the words 'I love you' engraved on it and on the back it had today's date. I was supposed give it to her at the top of the ferris wheel and I was going to tell her I loved her.
I look up and I see Elena and her family walking towards me.
"Hey beautiful, are you okay?" I reach for her hand and she moves away.
"What's wrong?" She refuses to look at me and I can see tears brimming her eyes.
"We should break up." I hear her whisper.
"What? Why?" I'm actually hurt I thought she loved me back.
"Because I don't want to date you." Those words are daggers to me.
"Wait, is this coming from you or them." I gesture to her dad and aunt.
She finally looks up at me "I will never love you and I don't want to be your girlfriend."
I could see in her eyes that she was serious, was she? I feel like this isn't her choice. She takes off my hoodie and gives it back to me.
"Bye Niall." And with that the only girl I have ever loved broke me and left my life forever.
I looked at my hoodie and noticed something in one of the pockets. I reached in and I grabbed whatever it was and took it out.... her locket.
I wake up and hope that all that happened was a dream. I look over to my dresser and see her old and new necklace and on the floor I see the huge rose bear. Shit, it wasn't a dream.
I get up and dial her number... no answer. I don't leave a message and try again.... no answer. I don't leave a message, I text her twice and then I can take a hint. She really doesn't want to have anything to do with me. I look at her window and she closed her curtains.
What do I do now, she probably hates me. But why, is it because she almost died? But I saved her.
I hear my phone ring and I quickly grab it, Liam. I answer it anyways, he might have some advice for me.
"Hey Li."
"I heard about the fair."
"Yeah, it went better in my mind."
"Nothing ever goes as planned."
"Yeah well, she broke up with me."
"Wait, a girl dumped YOU?"
"Yup, although I felt like this wasn't her decision. I think her dad made her."
"Then if that's true you should talk to her."
"She's not answering her phone."
"*sighs* She's your fucking next door neighbor, get off your ass and walk to her house."
"Right. Thanks Liam."
I hang up and go take a shower first. I brush my teeth, use some gel to style up my hair, and put on a plain black t-shirt, black jeans, and white Jordan's (Sorry, I don't know his usual style). I grab the two necklaces, my phone, and I walk over to her house. I see my dad in the kitchen and I try to walk casually by him.
"Where are you off to?" He asks.
"Just next door." I answer.
"Niall, she told you how she felt."
"Yea well, I want to hear her say it when her dad isn't around."
"Why? You never care about most of your girlfriends."
"Yea but I love Elena."
"You've only known her for 3 days." My dad retorts.
"I know...I'll be back in a little bit."
I leave and go to her door I knock on her door continuously. After a while my hand gets tired, so I resort to my usual option, I take out my pin that I always carry and jam it into the key hole. After a couple of seconds I hear a clicking sound and I open the door and walk in.
I look around and she is no where to be found, I go up to her room and find her completely covered in her blanket with her earbuds blasting Me and my broken heart by Rixton. I rip the blanket off of her and she remains emotionless. I take out her earbuds and she looks up at me "Why are you here?"
"We need to talk."
"I don't want to talk." She buries her head into her pillow and curls up into a ball.
"Good, so just listen. Why did you break up with me?"
"I already to-"
"The truth."
She sits up and looks at me, she moves her hair out of her face and plays with her fingers.
"Th-That is the truth."
"No it's not." I sit down on her bed and bring her chin up "I can tell you're lying."
"I-I'm not."
"You stutter when you lie."
"How would you know that."
Because I pay attention to all the little things you do. When she moves her hair out if her face, the way she stutters. The way she always looks beautiful even right now, with her messy hair, and her cute pajamas.
"Because I'm your boyfriend."
"Ex." She spits out.
"Okay then since you really want to end things just answer me this; Was this your choice?"
I look at her and she looks down at her fingers and thinks. That's when I knew the truth. She would have told me yes, instead she's avoiding my question.
I lift up her chin again and look into her beautiful BROWN EYES!? Wait a minute she has green eyes, what the fuck is going on. Now I know something's wrong with my girlfriend. I didn't know I was making a face until she looks at me weird.
"Your eyes they're.... brown."
She frantically gets out of bed and grabs a black bag from her drawer. She reaches in and takes out some sort of case. She opens it and takes out her CONTACTS!? This girl always has something up her sleeve. She slips them on then puts everything back into her drawer.
She comes back and sits back down in her normal position. I look at her with a weird face again.
"I use contacts."
"Wow, they change the color of your eyes."
"Yea that's a side effect."
"I like both colors just the same."
She blushes and looks down at her hands again.
"See, I knew you were lying!" I point at her and she picks her head up and shakes her head
"Yes, you blushed when I complimented you-"
"I always blush when I get complimented."
I look at her and quirk my eyebrow, even she knows that's a lie. She admits to it and we both laugh.
"So, was it your choice?"
She looks at me and gazes into my eyes. I wait for her answer but instead she crashes her lips with mine. This catches me so off guard that I almost fell off her bed. Then I kissed her back and ran my fingers through her beautiful straight black hair. She moans and I pull back for air. She rests her forehead on mine and begins to cry.
"What's wrong?"
"I never wanted to break up with you."
"I know."
"No, it killed me to say those things to you. I'm so sorry Niall."
I knew it, I knew she loved me back I smile at her response. She finally said it, I kiss her back again. We make out on her bed until we need to breathe.
"Niall, I want you." She grabs my shirts collar and pulls me onto her.

Damn she's strong when she's horny.

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