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11. Chapter10

Elena's P.O.V
"Hey, wake up kid." Rudy whispers while lightly shaking me.
"What?" I groan.
"Sis and I are leaving for work."
"Okay, bye then."
"This time if I see you 2 on the couch I won't hesitate to get the hose."
"Don't worry I'm going out with him today."
"Okay, bring me and Rose some food back and don't forget your keys."
"Okay, love you guys." I say while still laying down with my eyes closed.
"Love you too sis." Rudy kisses my forehead and leaves for work.
Most people would get up and start their day by now, but not me. I cover myself with my blanket even more and go back to sleep. I'm awaken by my phone ringing uncontrollably.
"Well good morning beautiful."
"Sorry, just really like sleeping."
"I can see that."
I sit up and look over at Niall's window and wave.
"What time is it?" I ask with a yawn.
"Then why did you say good morning?"
"Oh right, good afternoon."
"So I'll go get ready for our date now." I get out of bed and move closer to the window.
"Why are you so calm? Shouldn't you be freaking the fuck out because you only have 30 minutes to get ready?"
"No, I can get ready in less time."
"Stop making me want you."
"Well I'm going to shower now, bye."
"See you later beautiful."
I hang up and put my phone back next to my nightstand. I grab a pair of black shorts, a green blouse that has the brazilian flag on it, some long black Nike socks, and white converse. I have a very unique style. I take the outfit to the bathroom and hop into the shower. When I'm done rinsing out the conditioner and everything else I towel dry my hair and myself. I put on my outfit, brush my teeth, my hair, put on another pair of contacts, and spray a small amount of perfume on. I go back to my room and put on body lotion and take my phone with me downstairs.
"Hey, you rea-" Niall is again in my house sitting on my couch.
He turns around and stops mid sentence and his jaw drops.
"I'm ready, are you?" I ask.
He nods while still starring at me with his mouth open.
"Are you going to stay here or are we going out?"
"Umm I-I uhhh I-I." He stutters and finally stands up and locks his fingers with mine.
He opens the door and leads me to his car. A white 2013 Nissan GTR "Woah, nice car."
"Yeah, I'm good with money."
Niall opens the door for me "Where did this Niall come from?" I ask sarcastically as I slide into the car.
He chuckles, closes my door, and goes around to the drivers side. He starts the car and drives "Where are you taking me?"
Niall simply chuckles and holds my hand. I groan and turn up his radio as I sing along.
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
Niall joins in with me and wow this boy can sing. He can actually hit SOME of the high notes. But when he does Sam Smith's low voice it's just too sexy.
Oh, won't you stay with me?
'Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me
"Pfft can't sing." Niall teases.
I chuckle and lean over to kiss Niall's cheek. After the song ends Niall stops the car "We're here."
I look out the window and I see a fair with all kinds of rides and games. Niall opens my door again as I try to take in all the fun this place is oozing. I get out and Niall put his hand over my shoulder as we walk through the entrance. I'm surprised to see this place isn't as packed as usual fairs are.
"Are you hungry?" Niall asks.
I nod "Okay, I'll go get us something, and you go get in line for the strength test so I can win you a bear."
"Okay." I peck his lips and walk over to the line for the game with the hammer and the scale.
While in line I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around and see a guy about my age with black hair that is combed over and diamond studs. He has 2 bottom lip piercings, a backwards snapback, black leather jacket, and black jeans.
"Hi." He says with a warm but also creepy smile.
"Hi." I say back hesitantly.
"So what's a beautiful girl like you in line for a game like this." Umm excuse me no one calls me beautiful but Niall.
"What do you mean?"
"Aww come on gorgeous, why don't you let me buy you a lemonade or something." He rubs my arm up and down. I slap his hand away and turn around as I flip my hair dramatically.
He puts his hand on my waist and moves to the side of me.
"So rude to me."
"Back up Lucky Charms." I tease his accent.
"Haha, just give me one kiss." He leans in closer and I try stiff arm him but he continues.
"She said back up Roman." I am so relieved to hear his deep voice and accent. He doesn't let go of my waist he pulls me closer to him and looks at Niall.
"Hey Niall, this doesn't concern you so just g-"
"I believe it concerns me when it's my girlfriend involved."
He looks at me and then at Niall "Well you might think she's yours, why don't we make her choose." He releases me and shoves me in the middle of them both.
I walk over to Niall and brush my lips against his and run my fingers through his hair. I look back at Roman and smirk. He glares at us for a while "Okay she's made her choice." He walks towards us "But let's see how long she'll stay with you, shall we?" He winks at me and Niall glares at him.
He walks away with a smug walk and I look up at Niall "Friend of yours?" I ask sarcastically.
"You could say that." He embraces me and gives one of the two cups he was holding.
"What's this?"
I shrug my shoulders and take a spoon full of what looks like a burnt piece of bread. I take a bite and chew "Pretty good, what is it?"
"Blood sausage." Niall answers with the face a child has on Christmas.
"Blood?" I ask, Niall nods and takes a spoon full of his "Still good though." I respond.
"You mean you're not grossed out?"
"No, if it tastes good I don't care what it is." I tell him as I eat another spoon full.
"What are you?" I tilt my head in confusion "You are my dream girl that's what you are."
I giggle and Niall pulls me in close to him.
"You're next sir." The booth worker tells Niall.
He gives me his cup to hold, pays the man, and he picks up the hammer.
"Beautiful." I look at him "This is what will happen if anyone ever flirts with you again."
He pulls the hammer over his shoulder and slams it down on the pedestal. The bell begins to ring and the man yells 'winner'.
Niall looks at the wall that has teddy bears hanging on it. He points to the one that is made of a white and red rose pattern. The man takes it down and it is the hugest bear I have ever seen. He grabs it and brings it over to me "For you."
I smile up at him and kiss him "Thank you Niall."
I make him carry it and I feed him while we walk. We finish our food and Niall buys a large cup of lemonade with 2 straws. We drink the whole cup and ride a roller coaster that spins you and puts you upside down. I was laughing and smiling while Niall looked like a lost little boy at Walmart.
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did. I saw your face Niall."
"I was not scared."
"Please, you were more scared than people in the Halloween movie."
"Oh yeah."
"Yeah." Niall grabs my hand and drags me and my bear to the log ride.
I placed my bear on the exit side of the ride and sat in front of Niall. The log began ascending and I griped the bars on the side.
"Is someone scared of heights?" Niall teases.
"N-No, I-I'm not scared of anything."
"Sure." He kisses my neck from behind and I playfully push him away.
"What?" He asks with a chuckle.
"You always leave me love bites."
"Okay then." Niall turns me around and puts each leg on the opposite sides of his lap.
I hold onto his shoulders and we make out when the whole ride becomes engulfed in darkness. When I hear water crashing that is my queue to turn myself around or else the camera would catch us making out. After that we are both a bit soaked with water, we get off of the log, and I go grab my bear.
After a couple hours of more rides and food, Niall and I decide to ride the ferris wheel, despite my fear of heights. I shiver at how cold it is "Here." Niall gives me his hoodie and I put it on.
"What's with you being so nice today?"
"I just feel like being nice to you." Niall pulls me in closer and kisses my cheek.
"Aww, I sort of miss the old Niall."
"Okay then." Niall clears his throat and pushes me to the side a bit.
"What the fuck?"
"Shut the fuck up bitch you know you want me beautiful."
"Oh my God, you took that too far."
"You still miss the old Niall?"
"I meant the Niall that was a bit rougher and a little cocky. Not my ex."
He laughs and side hugs me again. We reach the line for the ferris wheel and wait in it. When we're next I see Roman get off of one of the seats with a girl. He walks over to us with his arm over the girls shoulder.
"Might wanna hold onto the bars, the chairs seem a little....unstable." He winks at me again and I have to restrain Niall back.
We get on to the seats and start moving I grip the handle bars and lean back in the seat. While going up Niall looks through his pants' pockets and takes something out, which he hides in his fist.
"Elena I want to give you something."
"What is it?"
"Well you might recognize it." He brings his fist up and opens it and reveals .... my locket.
I look at him with confusion, I take it from his hand and yup it's the one I threw out the window.
"How did you-"
"I saw you throw it, so I made Louis look for it."
"You have no idea how much this means to me."
I smile, lean over to kiss him, and thank him. The chair shakes a bit so I put the necklace in my hoodie pocket. I grab the handle bars again cautiously.
"You are scared."
"I'm not, I just don't want to fall 50 feet down."
We reach the top and it immediately stops on us. Just my luck. I tense up and Niall moves a strand if hair out of my face, I look into his eyes and Niall laughs. He jumps up and down and the chair starts to screech "Niall stop!"
"Admit you're scared!"
"I'm not."
He shrugs and rocks the chair back and forth.
"Niall stop!"
I hear more screeching and a clicking noise. All of a sudden my side of the chair breaks and I scream as I fall off the chair. Fucking Niall.

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