You Tell Me | n.h fanfic


2. Chapter1

"So you three understand why this is happening right?"
We all nod as we are handed our new passports, birth certificates, ID's, and our plane tickets. This is really happening, I'm moving to Ireland and my every move is going to be watched.
All because I pissed off the wrong guy.
"What the fuck did you just say!" George looks at me with evil in his eyes as he grips my arms.
I shake him off me and slap him "First of all, never put your fucking hands on me! Second, I'm breaking up with you!"
"Oh, your not getting out of this so easy baby." He takes out his knife and holds it to my neck.
Shivers consume my body as a grin reaches his face. I don't try to squirm because that would just make my neck bleed. I stare him dead in his eyes and narrow my eyes at him.
"I want to see you slide that knife across my neck. Go ahead. Do it you pussy!"
He starts to laugh as he slowly traces my body with his knife. He stops when he reaches my stomach.
"You shouldn't tempt me like that baby."
He slowly cuts a line on my stomach but I just clench my teeth. Making a noise would be exactly what he would want. His grin disappears when he sees my reaction.
"So now you don't have shit to say, is that it?!"
I laugh as he lets me go and throws the knife away. "Guess your not the bad ass you thought you were."
"Did I hear you right? Did you just question my power?"
"No, not at all. You have no power for me to question."
His nostrils begin to flare up and a vain pops out of his neck. He signals his friend to hand him a gun. He loads it up and points it at me
"No power huh. I could end you right now bitch."
"Oh, you're right. No one else could have that power in their hands." I say sarcastically.
He laughs as he puts the gun down and grips my neck. I still show no emotion and just look at him.
"You know what power I do have? I can find out when your brother is alone and shoot him. I can send some guys to beat the shit out of your sister and her unborn baby. Wherever you are I. Will. Find. You. So you tell me, do I have no power?"
My body stiffens at him mentioning hurting my family and my future nephew. My immediate reaction is to spit in his face. When he wipes it off he raises his hand and I await for it to collide with my face.
To my surprise the door is busted down by SWAT. They tackle George and his friends down, and one of them leads me to the ambulance that is parked outside.
They stitch up my wound and clean me up. I see George in handcuffs and he grins at me and mouths the words 'I'll find you' to me. I flip him off as he is driven away in a cop car.
A month later here I am in witness protection program. Who knew he actually had power. My brother Rudy and my sister Rose, identical twins by the way, start to think about how their lives will change.
We are driven to another building and we hop out of the car. "Ok you will each get a new look here." Our escort tells us.
We are all seated in hairstyling chairs as my short curly light brown hair is turned into black straightened hair. My sister's black straight hair is turned into a dirty blondish color and curly. My brother's black comb overed hair is turned into brown comb over with the sides buzzed cut with a quiff on it. Their final touch for me is to take away my glasses and give me contacts that turn my eyes from brown to green.
"Okay, let's get to the airport."
"But we need to pack." My brother tells our escort.
Our escort shakes his head and opens the trunk to reveal three large suitcases. Rudy stays quiet as we are driven to the airport. Once we arrive we are given very clear instruction as in where to go and who to talk to.
Apparently we are taking a private airplane because they are too paranoid. I walk over, take my suitcase and walk inside the airport. Rose leads us to our specific line and we put our luggage on the conveyor belt as we walk through the metal detectors.
Once security is done I give my ticket and passport to the flight attendant. She stamps it and I walk through the small corridor to the plane. I look around and my jaw drops at the sight.
"Holy shit." Rudy and Rose say in unison.
We all take our seats as the plane takes off. Ireland here we come.

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