How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


3. Tyler

Tyler: short dark brown hair, regular sized for age, blue eyes, tan, funny

I considered myself pretty funny and class clown in our school, but some people thought otherwise. I was a good student, good grades, but I have a little trouble in some subjects. It was about a few weeks ago when I was in class, I struggled on our assignment. But the smartest kid, Tanner, actually came to help me once he was done! He helped me understand what to do and I caught on to it really well.

The next day, I decided to start hanging out with him. We became the best of friends, and made fun of each other without getting mad! It was about five days later, someone new popped up out of nowhere and wanted to hang out with us. We accepted him in and he's pretty cool. Oh, his name is Max by the way.

We thought he would be cool to be around, until he started to make himself 'leader' of the three of us. We couldn't stand it any longer, but we continued to be his friend. Even though he still treats himself that way, we handle it and just let it slide.

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