How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


7. Tragedy

"Well boys, ready for P.E.?" I said as we got out from lunch. "Aw yeah" Ben said. "This'll be awesome" Tyler blurted. "It'll be fun!" Max replied. "See ya later Claire." I said as she walked to her locker. "See you guys 6th period!" She said as she walked down the hall.

We played lots of rounds of 21, which halfway through it, the tragedy happened. Me and Ben were playing in the same round, which we were competitive against each other. I rebounded the ball, but I didn't get the ball to my fingers in time, so it went to the floor. I was going after it and so was Ben, then BAM! We crashed into each other, and before we landed on the ground, the ball bounced up and broke my finger. "AAHH! HOLY CRAP THIS HURTS!!!" I screamed.

I lasted the whole day not knowing it was actually broken until after school, which I texted everyone the news. "What? It really broke?" Ben replied. "Ouch. How bad is it?" Tyler said. "How does your finger break from a basketball?" Max commented. "OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OK?!?! Does it hurt???" Claire said, most concerned. I replied back to them and finished up the conversation with them.

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