How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


4. Max

Max: short red hair, short, greenish-blue eyes, paleish, self-confident

I like to be leader of the group, it makes me feel special and a necessity to the group. It all started when I was accepted friends with Tyler and Tanner. They were the weirdest friends, smart kid and funny, weird kid? No way. Then I came in and it became more of a Motley Crew from there.

It took a while to get used to their way of doing things, but I figured it out soon enough. I always thought these guys were cool, and I finally built up the courage to become their friend. It turns out, I was the one that made them cool!

"No you didn't!" Tanner shouted from the other room.

They think that, but it really was me.

It was about a week later, one of the fastest kids in school came up and said "Hey, I've seen you guys around, and I think you guys are awesome! Can I join in?" His name was Ben. We replied unanimously "Sure."

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