How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


6. Claire

Claire: shoulder length blonde hair, regular sized, ice-blue eyes, tanish, loyal

I loved it when the girls decided to come over and talk with the boys. That was probably the best decision they ever made. Bri, the so called 'leader', found someone right away she liked, Madi and Tal on the other hand, didn't have anything interesting to find. Although Madi had a grudge on Ben, which I had no idea why.

Then I saw the other two, Tanner and Max. I liked them both first sight, but I had no clue which to choose. It was the hardest decision of my life, and I still haven't decided yet. I liked the boys' style of fun more than the girls' drama, so I decided to join what Max calls it, the Motley Crew.

It was the best times of our lives, until the tragedy.

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