How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


5. Ben

Ben: short brown hair, regular sized, brown eyes, tan, fast

I like to be fast and that's what I do. It was really awesome how these three let me in on the group. For me, it all started a while ago. I came up to them and said "Hey, I've seen you guys around, and I think you guys are awesome! Can I join in?" They all said "Sure." and I was in the group. I already knew about Tanner, duh, everyone knows about Tanner. But Tyler and Max, they were new faces. I eventually found out Tyler was hilarious and Max, well let's just say he was a little over-the-top.

We all hung out for a while, and Max always called us the Motley Crew, which I never liked in the first place. It was all good until that day where the girls' group invaded our weirdness. I picked out one girl right away and I almost ran over to her. Tyler was just friendly and didn't see anyone special. Then there was one girl for the others and she joined in the group and left the girls behind.

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