How the five came to be: Book 1

This story is about five friends who come together and go to be awesome people.


1. Beginning

(A.N. Hi, this is the story of these people who become great friends. You'll learn throughout this that even people that don't have much in common, can become friends. This chapter is short, just saying. P.S. every chapter will be told by who the chapter name is.)

It all starts at the beginning of middle school, all of us thirteen. We all end up in the same classes and our lockers are side by side. We all walk in to class, not acknowledging each other, until that day three months after.

It was at that time of year when everyone knew each other and they all had friends. But us five had nothing to do with each other. We all walked into class, one after the other. "Tanner" the teacher called. "Here!" I called back. "Ben", "Here!", "Max", "Here!", "Tyler", "Here!", "Claire", "Here!", and so on for the rest of the class.

At the end of the class, we all walked out one by one. Tyler bumped into Max on the way out, "Hey! Watch it!" Max said. Finally, someone had spoken from the five of us.

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