What if?

What if? Happily ever afters did come true? And sometimes they do or do not end up being together after all? Read what if? To find out


9. chapter 9

Calum's P.O.V:

My phone vibrated and it ruined the moment.😒 It was Luke "Hey Calum where are you." I texted back "I'm at the shirts aisle."

About a minute later they came.

Kat's P.O.V:

Calum got a text and was in his phone for awhile and I decided to leave, but then the rest of 5 seconds of summer arrived and I think that Sophie and Luke were flirting.

So I was about to leave to buy some things for the apartment.

"Hey um... Kat I was wondering if you guys would like to hang out or something..." said Calum.

"Um... I dunno Calum I'm... I mean We're pretty busy right now soo..." I said while Calum looked down in disappointment.

"But... I could squeeze some time:)" I said smiling. He almost sort of blushed but what do I know.

"How 'bout right now?" He said smiling . I smiled back.

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