What if?

What if? Happily ever afters did come true? And sometimes they do or do not end up being together after all? Read what if? To find out


3. apartment

As we were in the car I heard a familiar tone. Sophie and I exchanged glances and at the same time yelled "RICHARD! Turn the radio up!"

Once the radio was at full blast Sophie and I started to sing along "You look so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear..."

A couple minutes after the song was over we arrived to the apartment building. Richard handed me his number in case I needed a ride I thanked him.

Sophie and I walked inside the building and asked for our room key. "Room 6B enjoy" said the lady behind the counter.

I smiled and thanked her I saw Sophie on her phone,so I decided to scare her. "SOPHIE!" I yelled in her ear. She jumped and punched me in the arm I laughed "Hey,that wasn't nice" she said.

"C'mon let's go to the apartment." I said


Authors note: hey guys so this is my first movella and if it's sucky I'm sorry, enjoy

-Bernice xx

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