Off To The Races

In 2015 things changed many things.Laws that were once illegal were overturned and became legal.But the biggest law that was overturned was the law off underage love and arranged marriages.Families were to now raise their daughters to be pure and most suitable for a mother/wife.At the age of 17 was the initiation where the female would become married to her higher leveled suitor.In return for a families daughter the members would receive money and gifts.


2. Prologue

"January."Mother called.

Her voice lingered towards me as I sat on the living room couch.Her tone was soft and sounded sad.I looked up to see my mom emotionless as she stood up straight.

"Yes mother."I replied back with a dry voice.

"It's time sweety."She said.

The dread settled in my stomach as I realized it was time.As I looked at my mom I could see something in her eyes.Was it worry?Dread?Sadness?But then it hit me...Sadness...I could tell from the blotched redness under her eye bags and slightly smeared mascara.I clenched my fist around my black cloak as I stood up.Tears fighting to well up in the orbs of my own.The dull,gloomy, and dreadful event had finally arrived.It was here.I got up and stood before my mom who was shorter then me by an inch or two at our front door.I looked out past our glass door to see that expensive big black SUV parked in our driveway.I knew the man was waiting in there for me.But at the edge of our sidewalk came the man's butler Mr.Collins.I knew he was waiting for me.

I looked back at my mom, I could see her breaking even more.My mom was never a woman to cry and I'd never seen her cry before.So it kind of  shocked me.But the sight of my mom's tears coming from her eyes was enough to make me break down.

"Mom I-I don't want to go."I cried as I put my covered face into her shoulder.

My mom's arms wrapped around me with comfort.

"I know January.I don't want this either."Mom said through her shaky voice.

I didn't want to go, I'm not ready to become a woman yet I am.I don't want to leave my family to make make my own I want to stay with them like my grandmother stayed with her family til 18 back in 2014 which was the year before the new orders. 

"Can't you do something!Please don't give me away to this man!"I sobbed frantically.

She cupped my jaw as she tilted my head up to meet her glassy-filled eyes.

"I'm sorry sweety but there's nothing I can do anymore.Your father and I's rights over you have been extinguished and given to him.If I could stop this I would but this was your father's decision."She said.

All the hopes and dreams I once had were now crushed to dust.I had nothing...I jumped apart from my mother when Mr.Collins tapped on the door with his finger and pointed at his wrist.His hair slicked back making him look very professional along with the white collar suit he wore.


"Mrs.Edwards it is now time for you to say your goodbye."He said with his thick Russian accent.

I noticed when he said goodbye that it was singular making the frown on my face more visible probably.That only made my mother tightly grab me up in a hug.

"I love you my sweet girl."She said as she held me in a bone crushing grip.

"I love you to mother."I said as the tears were consistent.

She looked at me again, the tears pouring down her cheeks just as mine were.

"Remember what I told you.Stay strong be good and keep hope my love."She said as she gave me a broken smile.

"I won't forget mother."I said as I gave one back.

Knowing that these were the last moments with my mom was heart-breaking.

"I love you mom."I said as I kissed her cheek.

"I love you too sweety."She said.

"Goodbye."I said with a cracked voice while walking out the front door.

"Goodbye my dear."She said.

Mr.Collins put his hand on my shoulder as he escorted me out to the big expensive SUV.As I was about to look back at the home I grew up in I was warned.

"Looking at it will only make it worse."He said. as we came to the Rover.

I wiped my tears from my face and nodded.I was broken.I was owned.The car door opened and I got in.This was it I thought to myself as the door shut behind me.I sat down on the seat beside the man who I'd be calling husband yet I didn't look at him.

"Hello my beautiful wife."He said.

This was it.

Welcome to your new life January.


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