The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


6. torn in two

Megan was glaring at me , I went to go sit by Luke and whispered in his ear ' I thought Megan was your girlfriend '

He looked confused , ' no '

I then got up to sit on his lap , and started kissing him . Someone pulled me away from him and punched me . I opened my eyes to see Megan standing right in front of me .

I ran out side and tried to stop my nose from blooding when Calum came out and passed me a clothe for my nose ,

' are you okay ' he asked

' yea I'm fine ' I said

' want me to take you home ?' He asked as he looked in my eyes as he leaned in for a kiss , and I heard the door open and close and Luke came over to us .

' what the fuck Stephanie ?' He yelled .

' what ?' I asked ' why don't you go back to your girlfriend '

' she's not my girlfriend ' he said annoyed .

' you were kissing her pretty hard 'I walked over to Calum and he opened the door , I was drunk so I fell , I was about to hit the ground when someone caught me, I was hoping it was Calum ,but when I open my eyes I could see Luke looking in my eyes.

' why don't you ever just let me fell ?' I ask Luke

' I don't know ' he said .' Why are you home , why don't you stay ?'

' what if my mom wonders where I am ?'

' I will text my mom and tell her we are in my room my mom never goes in my room ' he said

' fine , let's go get some drinks , wait what about Megan ?' I ask

' what about Megan ?' He asked

'I don't know , let's go ' I grab Luke's hand and go and get some drinks

After about 5 shots I was drunk , and I started dancing with Luke I was grinding on him , then I turned around to see that it was Calum, I forgot Luke went I the bathroom .

When Luke get back Luke got all red and punched Calum in the face .

' what the fuck Luke ?' I yell

' I thought you liked me ?' He said heartbroken

' I thought you thought we were jut friends ?' I say

' no I don't think that ' he said

I smiled because I do like him but I do have some feeling for Calum . I'm so confused .

I walked over to Michael and asked him to give me a ride home. When we got in the car he looked at me .

' so do you like Luke or Calum' he asked .

' what are talking about ?' I say like I don't know what his talking about .

' I saw you kiss Calum and grinding in him , and you were kissing Luke and holding his hand ' he said .

' I don't know I really like Luke , and I like Calum'i say

When Luke came in the car I asked why his doing .

' going home ' he said

'Okay '

I was in the back sitting next to Luke , I looked over at him and his looking at the rode, when I look away , I could feel his hand going in to mine , I tried to pull away but he held tight I looked over to him.

' what I can't hold your hand ? ' he asked .

' yea you can I just think it means some thing different to you 'I said .

' it does I like you , you know that right ' he says looking in to my eyes .

' I like you too ' once I say that I could feel his lips on mine at first I hesitate to kiss back but when I start to kiss back.

'Slow down you two you are going go swollen each other ' Michael said .

' wait what about Calum and ashton ?' I asked

' ashton went home early and I'm going back to pick up Calum once I'm done drop in you two off .' He said .

Once we finally got to my house i didn't let go of Luke's hand and got out of the car and said thank you to Michael.

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