The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


16. the wake up

I wake up in a all white room . Luke is sitting next to me his hands are buried in my hand . I tap his head .

He gives me a kiss.

' just friends remember ' I say . ' why am I in here ?'

' you get got hurt ' he says .

I try to get up and there's a shaped pain on my stomach . I look at it and I see this bandaid with a little spot of blood .

' what the fuck ?' I say looking at is .

' OMG now I remember what happened ' I say.

It really hurt :-( .

' what happened ?' Luke says .

'Will I was walking home from -' I got cut off

'CALUMS!i know that part ' he says .

I look confused .

' anywheres , I was walking and some girl pulled me in the bushes and said something about you , and your hers . ' I say

' do you have a girlfriend ' I say .

' umm... No but I have a ex girlfriend ' he says .

' well she's the one that cut me ' I say .

He looks shocked

' Wait really ' he said .

A/N sorry I haven't updated lately . I just got my internet back . So I might be updating more and I have been working on my room . I love my room now. I was thinking of doing a video on Instagram .


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