The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


15. project

First say back at school since the accident .my first class was English .

' you are going to be doing a 10 page research paper on one of these subjects on the board' the teacher says .I forgot his name .

' you will be doing it with a partner ' he says .

Luke looks at me .

' Luke you will be with Aleisha'

' Calum and Stephanie '

Then I looked over at Calum .

*skip to lunch *

Calum and I picked . Missing kids .

' so we can meet up at me house ' as he sitting next to me .

Luke looks mad . Luke's getting so annoying .

*skip school *

It's 3:48 I should go to Calums house now . His only a few houses down .

I knock on the door .his mom opens it . I walk up stairs .

I walk in his room ' I'm not doing all the work on this research paper '

We finished it !

I walk home . Someone pulls me in the bushes .

' stay away from Luke , he was mine first ' I noticed it was a girl .

She stabbed me right in the stomach . Then runs away.

I try to take out the knife but I could do it .

I take out my phone and call Luke .

' I need your help !' I say .

' where are you ?' He asked .

' walking over to your house from Calums ' I say .

' what the fuck you doing over there ' he asked .

' Luke please it hurts so much ' I say .

' ok I'm coming ' he says

I walk out of the bush and start to walk . It hurt so much I tried to hold back the tears .

There's so much blood .

I see Luke . Like 4 houses down .

I feel so dizzy . I fell to my side . That hurt so much . Then I blacked out .

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