The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


4. party

10 minutes of just sitting in my room listen to music with Luke , Calum, Michael ,and ashton .

' let's go to Megan's party ' Michael says .

' oh yea let's go !' Said Calum .

'I don't think Steph would be up for it ' ashton said .

' I want to , I will give my a chance to meet friends before school on Monday !' I say with on confidence

'Fine lets go ' ashton say rolling his eyes .

We all look at Luke . ' i don't think we should go her party's get crazy sometimes '

' please Luke ' I grab his hand and look in his eyes .

' one condition ' he says .

' yea what ? ' I ask .

'You have to be my date to her party ' he whispers in my ear .

' yea ' I say excitedly . He took my hand and we all walked to Calums car . Luke sat next it me . Holding my hand .

*skip ride to the party *

I let go of Luke's hand because I almost fell , Luke caught me just in time . I looked in his eyes . Then looked over to this girl glaring at me , then when I start walking over to Calum to ask who she was Michael comes over to me .

' watch out for Megan ' looking over to the girl that was glaring at me and Luke , ' she went out with Luke like 3 months ago but he broke up with her because she was cheating on him , she like the Regina George of out school so watch out for her'michael says .

Then Michael went to go walk with Calum and ashton . I was looking at Megan , when I fell on the first step , then like ran over to me and picked me up bridal style.

' are you okay?' He asked looking in my eyes .

' yea ' he walked up the stairs .

When we get in I couldn't find calum Michael or ashton .

' ummmm Luke you can put me down now ' I say

He puts me down .

' wanna go get a drink ' I say .

' yea ?' He said confused

' what ?' I ask

' you just don't seem Like the kind of girl who drinks' he says

He grabs my hand and drags me to the bar , he asked for 2 shots

When we were done we went to get sit down by Calum , Michael , and Ashton .

' let's play truth or dare ' Megan said sitting next to Luke . I got a little jealous .

I was sitting next to Luke and a girl .

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