The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


2. new neighbours

'Stephanie hurry up we are going to be late ' my mom yells from the car as I say a last goodbye to the house .

We sold our car , so we are takin a taxi . Mom mom already bought a car online in Australia .

As we drive to the airport my mom tells the taxi driver to go faster cause we are 2 minutes away from the airport and we only have 15 minutes until the airplane leaves .

We made it . I asked if they had wifi ,they did so I watched Netflix ,once upon a time , I fell asleep after 3 episodes

* skip to Australia*

We got there in the afternoon.we drove to our new house in our new car , the house was pretty big , it had 4 bedrooms ,3 bathrooms , 2 walk in closets , a screening room.

I started to put my stuff in my new room ,I got a walk in closet !,

*skip to supper*

It was 6:30 and I was finally done doing my room I know it time me forever .

'Im going to order pizza ' my mom yells from the kitchen .

' ok ' I say as there was a knock on the front door .

I run down stair to answer it because my mom was looking for the pizza number , as I open the door I see a women and I'm guessing her son.

'Hi we are your new neighbours ' said the mother .' I'm Liz Hemmings and this is my son Luke ' shaking my hand.

'Hey I'm Nicole , and this is my daughter Stephanie , I was just about to order pizza would you like to stay ' my mom says.

' yes and maybe we can have a fire in the back ' Luke jokes .

I don't know why I laughed but I did .

'That sounds like a great idea' my mom says excitedly.

'Can I invite my friends ' Luke asked his mom .

'Sure ' Liz said. We can have it at our place because we have a fire place.'

'Ok we will be right over once I order our pizza ' my mom says .

I run up the stairs to get ready . I put on my black pants and my favourite flannel on with a marvel shirt under neath it . I quickly brush my hair and put in my black converse (the full black ones )

I started to walk over my mom had already went over so I was late , when I enter the back yard I see a fire and 4 boys with pizza in there hand .

I stare at The 4 boys one have brown hair with a little blonde ,one had red hair ,one have dirty blonde fluffy hair ,and then there was Luke .

I look for my mom and she was with Liz . When I turn to look for Luke band his friends ,I get hit with juice my shirt was all wet and a little but of my jeans , it was Luke ,

'Im so sorry ,I was just going to introduce you to my friends ' Luke says picnicking .

'Its fine ' I say blushing .

' here let's get you some new clothes ' Luke takes my hand and drags me to his room . He got my a nirvana shirt , I took off my shirt and put on the shirt he gave me .

'Thanks ' I say blushing .

' no problem ' he said he kissed me on the cheek .

' you missed ' I said

He looked confused .

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