The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


9. netflix day

I went to the kitchen cause it was 1:59 and I haven't eaten yet . I wasn't that hunger so I have get some lemonade .

I put down my drink and went to go sit down there was a seat next to Luke so I went for that seat , as I past Calum he pulled me on his lap .

' what you doing Calum?' I asked .

' I just want you to sit by me ' he said looking in my eyes .

' I'm sitting in you not by you right now Calum ' I say .as I get up and go sit by Luke and nozzle up in to his neck and he puts his arm around me .

*Calum's P.O.V*

What the fuck is going on why is Stephanie by Luke .

' is Stephanie and Luke together ? ' I ask Michael

' yea since this morning ' he says .

As Stephanie went to the bathroom I wanted to tell her how I feel about her , so I follow her ,

' hey Steph ' I say as she reaches the bathroom door .

' yea Calum? ' she said .

' I just wanted to ask you if you really like Luke ?' I asked

' yea ' she looked in my eyes .

I go up to her and grab her by the waist and look in her eyes ,

' Calum ' she looks away .

' I like you too ' I say

' I like you too ' she's says

I smile heard and go in for a kiss but she dodges it .

' what's the matter ?' I asked

' I'm going out with Luke and kissing you is cheating '

'Then break up with him ' I say .

I kissed her

* Stephanie's P.O.V *

' I love Luke I could never do that ' I say .

Calum loosed his grip and went down stairs .

I didn't need the bathroom any more so I went down stair to see just Luke and Calum . Where did ashton and Michael go .

When I went to get my drink I heard Luke

' did you cheat on me with Calum ?' Luke asked .

I turned around and looked at Calum . Then Luke turned to Calum, then Calum stood up

' you don't deserve her !' Calum says .

' you asshole ' Luke yells and then Calum punched Luke , Luke punched Calum back .

I ran in the middle of them both with my arm between both of them

' you can't hurt each other without hurting me ' I say

' Luke,I'm so sorry can you forgive ' I say looking at Luke .

' If I get a kiss ' he says .

I run over to kiss him and then I heard Calum run to the door , I run after him ,

' Calum please don't go ' I say and then he stop and turns around .

' why shouldn't I ?' He said angrily

' because I need you... As a friend ' I say looking in his eyes .

Then he nodded and went in his car .

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