The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


3. my room

I kissed him and he didn't hesitate to kiss back .

Then I heard voices coming up the stairs 'what do you think their doing ?'

' probably making out ' one of them laughed

When the door opened I pulled away. And they all started to make kissy faces at us . I don't know why I kissed Luke , I mean I did think he was a attractive .

'Oh ,right this is calum pointing at the brown haired one , and this is Michael pointing the red haired one ,and this is ashton pointing at the fluffy haired one.'

' nice to meet you ' shaking all of their hands .

' and you must be Stephanie ' Michael said , I nodded ' Luke did say you were beautiful '

I stare at Luke with a smile .

' we'll I'm going to put some new pants on' I say looking at my pants . I walk out the door and tell my mom I'm going home .

' well ask Luke and his friends if they want to go with you ' I stare at her with big eyes and she said ' come on you need to make friends ' .

'Fine, Luke do you guys what to come to my house ?' I say with the least bit of interest.

' yes sure ' he says with a smile ,which makes me smile a little .

We walk over to my house,and walk up to my room.

'Your not like most teenage rich girls are you ? ' Calum asked .

' no,not really 'I say shyly .

'I like it ' says with a smirk .

' I think Luke has a crush ' Michael says pointing Luke on the cheek .

I blushed

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