The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


14. jealous

The boys came in . We just watched Netflix for 2 hours .

' let's go in the pool ' Calum said .

' yea sure ' I say

I walk up stairs . To change . I walk down stairs.

The boys had already Changed , Calum was the only one I could see , the others were out side by the pool . Wear did they get there shorts from . I don't really care .

' you look beautiful ' Calum says .

' thanks ' I say .

I start walking out . Calum picks me up bridal styles .

I look in his eyes and I know what his going to do ...

Throw me in the pool .

I start laugh .


' Calum please put down ' I say smiling .

He puts me down right in front of the pool his hands on my waist he pushes me and I pull his hand and he goes down with me .

I laugh .

I jump out of the pool .

Calum jumps out too. I laugh with Calum .

Luke looks angry . He walks over to us looking mad . He punches Calum . Calum trips Luke their both on the ground .

I step in between them as they get up . My hands on their chests .

' you can't hurt each other without hurting me ' I say .

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