The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


8. breakfast

I got up and Luke wasn't there there was a note on the nightstand .

'My mom on a rode trip with your mom for the while day so it's just us '

Love Luke

I could smell chocolate burning , so I went to the kitchen to see Luke trying to let out a fire with a broom , he got it out. I went to go scary him.

' holy shit you scared me!' He yelled .

' sorry ' I laughed

' finally your wake , do you need a Advil ? ' he asked .

' yea that would be nice ' I said .

He went to go get a Advil .

' so where are we in our relationship ?' He asked me .

' ...thought we were just friends ' I said awkwardly .

' I know we met yesterday but please Stephanie will you be my girlfriend ' he asked me .

' yea ' I said with a smile .

' I tried making you pancakes but they didn't go so well ' he said looking at the pancakes .

' it's fine ' I say kissing his cheek .

' what !? Just cheek ' he jokes .

I kiss him and he kissed back he grabbed me by the waist and put me on the counter .

I pull away .

' well I better go shower ' I say .

He frowns .

' I'm calling the boys over ' he yells at me as I walk out the door and I put a thumbs up in the air .

As I walked out I realized I don't have pants on , I run back in his house and ask for my pants .

' but I like you better like that ' I blush and run over to my house when I got home , I go turn on the shower and put some music in and strip down and get in .

* after 30 minute shower *

I put a towel on my self I dye my hair with the blow dyer , and turned off the music . As I open the door I see Luke waiting for me .

' how long have you been there ' I asked

' after the boys came over we decided to come here and asked if you wanted to watch Netflix with us ' he said .

' are they here !?!'i raise my voice .

' yea their downstairs ' he said .

' Luke I'm naked you should have called first 'I said

Then ran to my room and quickly put on my black pants and a Plain blue shirt . And walk down stairs .

The boys have started to watch hunger games catching fire .

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