The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


12. Acoma

I got up without any scratches and looked around for Luke and I saw laying there in a puddle of blood .

I started crying , sirens went off and I saw the ambulance coming ,

'Everything is going to be okay Luke 'I say

Then I looked around and saw myself lying there .

The ambulance people ran up to me I moved back go go see Luke . They had helped him on the ambulance , I looked back at me and saw I was on the truck, I ran to the truck and went to the hospital .

I woke up , in the hospital . I couldn't remember anything , I just see a red head boy walking in , his eye widened when he saw me .

He ran out when he came back there was 3 other boys , one with fluffy hair , one with blonde hair , and one with brown hair with a little blonde on the front .

The one with blonde ,quaffed up . And hugged me

' I thought I lost you forever ' he said about to cry

' thanks but who are you ?' I ask .

He looked at me heartbroken . I wish I could remember who he was , but I couldn't remember

' wait are you my brother ' I say

' and you must by my boyfriend' pointing at the brown hair boy . He smirked at that .

' no I wish ' he said

' I'm your boyfriend ' the blonde one said .

' sorry ' I say

' so what happened to me ?' I asked .

' well we were going to see a movie and a truck came and we got in a car crash , I had to go through surgery , and you got in a A coma.' The blonde one said .

' for how long?'i asked

' one week ' the red hair one said

' oh I'm sorry what's your names'

' I'm Luke , AKA your boyfriend ' said the blonde one . WOW I did good .

' I'm Calum ' said the brown haired one said .

' I'm ashton ' said the fluffy haired one said .

' I'm Michael ' said the red haired one .

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