The new girl

Stephanie just moved to Australia. And falls for Luke .


13. 1week later

*Stephanie's P.O.V*

It's been a week since Luke and I got in that car crash . Luke has been taking me on dates and staying at my house.

It's a Saturday so Luke is going to stay over the night because my mom went on a business trip , I have been trying to remember him , but I just can't maybe him sleeping over again will remind me of him .

I put on some sweat pants , and a crop top and put up my hair. And put on Netflix , once upon a time , I pause it as I hear the door bell ring , I get up and go and get it , as I open up the door I see Luke holding flowers in his hand .

' thanks ' I say letting him in .

' no problem ' he says .

' umm.. Should we call the boys over ?' I say .

' yea ' he says going to sit down on the couch '

I pull out my phone and look through my contacts for Michael,ashton and Calum .

10 minutes of watching Netflix the boys knocked on the door , Luke get up and went to go get it .

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