Fireproof (Niall Horan/Luke Hemmings)

When 5 seconds of summer toured with One Direction for some time, Luke and Niall started up what became to be a secret relationship.

But it's like they say "what happens on tour, stays on tour"


1. Chapter 1.

Luke nervously picked lose treads from his clothes while looking down at his shoes. It was normal for him to feel nervous before and after shows, but he didn't think he'd ever felt this nervous. They we're opening up for One Direction. One Direction. They we're huge. Which meant huge crowds. Lots of people watching his very move, if he screwed up now everyone would be here to watch, especially the fact that One Direction would be there to watch. Maybe they would hate him. Or hate the whole band. Luke just couldn't handle that fact.

He jumped when he felt a cold hand around his shoulder. It was just Ashton. Ashton gave him a small smile, probably knowing exactly what Luke was thinking in that moment.

"Luke, whatever it is that you're worrying about now, it's going to be fine. Just go out there and open up a kick ass show!"

Luke couldn't help but smile. What would he do without Ashton?

"Thanks Ashton"

Luke knew he had to pull himself together. For Ashton, Michael and Calum. And especially the fans. They we're all expecting a really great show. He didn't want to ruin that.

He went out on stage and did a great opening for Ons Direction. When he was done he was so tired he just wanted to go to bed.

So he did just that, thinking about what this tour may bring him..

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