Deep Dark Secrets

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


10. (9) The Orientation Dinner

About ten minutes later, I saw Damon and his dad walking towards us and oh my gosh he looks just like his dad with the same body type, hair color, almost the same height and stuff like that. His eyes were on me the whole time he and his dad were walking to the table and he had a big grin on his face like he was happy to see me again. I couldn’t help smiling back and I could feel my checks feel warm. Damon and his dad arrive at the table just in time for the speaker of the dinner and Damon sat right next to me. The speaker is wearing glasses that fit with her face perfectly. She had on a black suit for business women that they wear to a very important meeting or work. She had a white blouse and a skirt that goes to her knees. She didn’t wear a tie or anything like too businesslike. While she was on the small stage, she began to organize her speech papers. She tapped the microphone to get every attention which everyone looked straight at her and then she started speaking…


“Good evening, welcome to Night Crest Preparatory Academy Ordination. My name is Mrs. Wolf and I am the headmistress of this amazing supernatural school. I have the pleasure of teaching your sons and daughters or any family member for this school year. Girls you might have noticed that your skirts have been changed to green and black stripes plaid instead of having black’s skits. We want to change the school dress code up a bit and to have the female’s look and feel like they are equal to the males. We also have more technology than the old days of this school but we would have done some things like writing and reading from the books. Our website is under construction for now it should be up and running as soon as possible. We shipped you the uniforms and a bit of more information about the school, clubs, sports and dorm rooms. If you didn’t get your uniforms and information in the mail please let me or any staff member know and we will get that stuff to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or comment please speaks now and I would be happy to answer them with the best of my knowledge” She said and waited for the parents who have questions." she said in a calm voice.


“Yes, you in the front row” she said to a father in the front row of tables.


“I would like to know if there are any sports for girls and for the guys” he said and then sat down.


“Aha… sports one of my favorite things to talk about, We have sports for guys and girls there is football, baseball, volleyball, bowling, baseball, wrestling, swimming, tennis, track and field, la cross and many more. We have computed in the sports with other schools that are in the supernatural world. Did I answer your question?” She said.


“Yes, you did thank you and that’s all” he said.


While she was drinking her glass of water I asked my mom… “mom she just said swimming and can I joins some sports?” I asked her.


“Sure and you may join and clubs as well” she said and smiled.


Damon’s dad raised his hand for the principal to answer his question like we were going to be a student that goes here on the first day.


“Yes, you in the front row also” the principal said and smiled.


“I was wondering about the sports, can we as the family come and watch the games and matches that our sons and daughters play?” he asked the headmistress.


“I was wondering about the sports, can we as the family come and watch the games and matches that our sons and daughters are competing in?” Damon’s dad said.


“Yes, of course I believe that every single athlete should be cheered by their family members, teachers and even their peers. I also I believe that cherry will boast their conference.” The headmistress said.


“Is there any more question that you guessed would like me to answer?” she said and looking around the dining room hall for hands.


“Yes, you in the back what is your question?” she asked to the women in the back. “Hi, I was wondering if there is tutoring for the kids that will be enrolled in this school year.” the women asked.


“Yes, there will tutoring for the students all year round and any time there will be there if they need it. There is a study and a tutoring program that will be held in the library and in the classrooms. The program will be a buddy system that a student will be paired up with an another student that will help him or her with their school works; work with their weakness in their areas. And from the recently passed I have heard that the student is in this program will be great friends during their time here.” She said.


“Well, the cooks here are ready to sever the dinner, so I hope you enjoy the food and please if you have more questions or anything else, please come find me or any staff member here and we will answer any of your questions. Enjoy your dinner and thank you for coming here today, I hope I get to see your kids on the first day of school” she said then walked back to the main table where all of the staff members are sitting and getting ready to eat their dinner.


“Damon, you think you will do any sports this year?” I asked him before I took a drink of my water.


“Um… I think I want to do football, swimming and track & field. How about you?” he asked me while my mom and his dad are talking to each other.


“I want to do swimming, volleyball and track or and maybe field hockey” I said and smiled. “Sweet maybe you can cheer for me when I am in the pool, football field and the track too.

And I will cheer for you too” he said and stared right at me and smiled.


“Yeah I know right I heard that this school’s swim team is coed” I said.


“Me too, hey maybe sometime we can help each other with our stokes and stuff.” he said.

“And I can make some poster’s for you guys, I know Mackenzie loves my posters that I make for her!!” she said and clap her hands together.


“Oh, hey our food is going to be here any minute which I cannot wait to try the grilled chicken with mushroom cream soup and ice tea with lemon.” my mom said and took her napkin off the table and place it onto her lap. She also did the same thing to Skyler too with the napkin.

“Yeah, mom, me too I bet the food is going to be great” I said to mom and I might as well take my napkin and place it on my lap.


Just as soon as I was putting my napkin on my lap a waiter had asked us if we want…“Hi, my name is Reagan and I I’ll be your server today. Would you guys like some ice tea with lemon or any other drink I can get you?” she asked and smiled.


“I would like to have an ice tea please and so as my daughters Mackenzie and Skyler.” my mom said.


“Can you make that four ice teas and is there any by a chance I can get some sugar for my drink?” Damon said and orders a drink for his dad because he knows that they didn’t have his dad favorite drink at this dinner.


“Sure I can go grab some sugar shakers and I will go get you dinner as well” she said and she walks off to go grab the stuff.


As she walked off I have noticed that she had a name tag pin to her black shirt that says Reagan Wolf. I couldn’t help thinking if she is the headmistress’s daughter or something. I also notice on her wrist is a metal bracelet with her name and a black wolf paw print engraved in it. Looking at that bracelet reminded of my dad’s bracelet and his matching necklace with his name and a small engraved feather on it. I touched his necklace that was around my neck that was his before he died. I wish that he was here and get to see everything in this school with me today. But I know that he is looking down and smiling down on me. I was thinking about him the way he hugs me, the way he kisses me on top of my head and even saying my nickname “LilSwimDucky” because I love to swim and I love yellow with orange beaks and feet ducks just the baby ones. They are so cute that just you want to cuddle with them all day long and never let go. I love it when he calls me that nickname it remains me of him.


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