Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


9. (8) My New Friends

About five minutes later Michael walked back into the room and plop onto the bed. She looks like she is going to have to go somewhere because she was looking around the room for her hoodie. I checked my phone and it said one new message, I could feel my heart beat fast again so I open the text message saying….


*Text message From Damon

Hey Beautiful,

My room number is 228 and sure you can come over here. Plus you should meet my roommate I will meet you outside of the guys building in five minutes can’t wait to see you!

Damon aka Dark Angel


I told Michael if she wants to come with me to meet Jacob and his roommate in the guy’s building. She said sure and grabs her hoodie and then we locked our door with the key that she had since I didn’t get mine yet. After we locked our door we headed down to the main level of the building where our big is hang out room with stuff like some big screens TV’s, huge bean bag chairs, a couch and many other things. As soon as we got downstairs I saw Jacob through the glass window of the door. As soon as I open the door I ran to hug him and I saw that he was smiling too.


“Hey wolf, ready to go?” I asked Jacob and then start to walk to the guy’s building with him and Michael.


“Yup lets go, and I can tell that you two are going to be like best friends sometime soon” Damon said.


It took us about ten minutes or so just to walk to the other building now I wish we had like mini golf carts to take us around the school’s campus because this is one big school and campus. I wish that we didn’t have to walk but at least we are going to get in shape and be healthy. When we got to the building we went up the Jacob’s dorm room which was wasn’t that bad of climbing the steps. Finally we were there and his roommates came out of the room and introduce himself…


“Hi!, my name is Daniel but you can call me Dan its short for Daniel and I am Damon’s roommate, oh please do come in and sit” he said and smiled. We all walked into the bedroom and sat on the two beds.


“My name is Mackezie and this is Leah is short for Michael, she is my roommate too. So where do you guys since I mean which state or country?” I asked.


“Well I am from Arizona where they make the best tea in the country. I so love the Arizona’s teas” Leah said.


“I am from Washington where it rains pretty much every day” I said.


“I am orangery from Montana, but I just move to Washington this summer” Bry said.


“I am from California; people always say that’s where happy cows are from!’ Dan said and we all started laughing.


“So what kind of supernatural are you guys?” I asked them.


“I am a dark angel, that is part of the dark side of the angel’ ” Bry said.


“I am an angel, and I have a special power that no other angel has. I can heal people, animals and plants” I said.


“What about you Leah?” Dan asked.


“Well I am what they called a mutt like they called a dog that has two different breeds in them. I am a half werewolf and half vampire. My dad is a one hundred percent werewolf and my Mom is one hundred percent vampire so that makes me fifty percent of each. You guys probably think me and a freak or something” she said while looking at the floor.


“No you are not a freak. I am somewhat what a medium that I can move things with my mind, I can read peoples' minds and I can control what a person is doing or feeling” Dan said.


“See it doesn’t matter what we are in the world, it matters who are we and what we can do. And I bet that the other students have their own powers or whatever they are and they must think that they are a freak” Bry said and looked at his phone.


“It’s time for the dinner thing; do you guys want to walk there together?” Dan said.

“Yeah sure” Leah, Bry and I said at the same time.


“I have to call my Mom and dad to meet me there and I will be right back” Leah said and went to go call her parents to tell them that she is going to meet them in the dining hall.


“Yup, me too I better text my dad so he knows too” Bry said and pull out his phone to texted his dad.


“Me too or my parents might freak out or something” Dan said then started to type his text message.


“I should call my Mom right now and tell her to” I said and I called her to tell her that I will meet her at the dinner thing.


“Everyone’s parents said yes? “ I said.


“Yup, and they said it’s fine so let’s go!” Leah said.


All four us walked out of the guy’s room, then started to walk to the dining hall that was by the main building of the campus. Dan ran back to the door and locked it so he knows that no one would steal his things that he left in there. It took us about a half hour to find the hall plus we didn’t have a map on us of the campus so that didn’t really help us. The dining hall looks just like a church on the outside which it use to be one until the school built a new one on the east side of the campus. We walked into the big wooden doors and saw our family’s wait for us. I saw my Mom and my sister waited on the benches on the other side of the hall, they were playing espy game. I walked up to them and introduce my friends to them.


“Mom, Skyler, meet my new friends that I just meet a while go. This Daniel he is a medium, Michael, she is half and half of a werewolf & vampire and you know Jacob from the dinner early today, he is a full werewolf” I said to my Mom and sister.


“And guys meet my Mom Kelly, and my sister Skyler and they are angels too” I said to my friends.

“Well hi 'Kenzie's friends It is a pleasure to meet you guys” My mother said.


“Hi guys, I wish I can come here but I am too young” Sky said sadly.


“In a couple of year’s maybe you can” Mom said to Sky.


“Well I guess I have to go meet with my parents, I will see you on the first day of school later guys” Michael said.


“Yeah, us too bye and we can’t wait either bye” Daniel said.


“I will go find my dad and we all can eat together see you guys in ten minutes, bye” Damon said and left to go find his dad.


“I like your friends Kenzie they look like there will be good friends with you and I am happy for you” my Mom said as we walked into the dining room.


“Yeah, me too!” Skyler said and found a table for us to sit in the front of the room.

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