Deep Dark Secrets

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


8. (7) The Tour & My New Roommate

About two hours later we were finally here at my new home for the school year. We pulled up to a long driveway with huge trees the line up on each side of the pathway. It looks like it was straight from a fairy tale. There was a huge iron gate that was about fifty feet long and had the intangibles of the school’s name in the middle of the gate. There was guarded at the gate that stopped us to probably check us in or something. My mom told him that we are here for freshman and give him our school pass for today.


About five minutes later he told us to go parking lot so I just drove into the full parking lot. The parking lot is like a mini version of a football field like its shape. We were finally here and it took us about three minutes to walk to the main hall which was called “Crest Hall”, as soon as I turned around to look at the hall I saw this really cute hair with red and dark red streaks in his hair. As he turns around I soon realized that was Damon which I couldn’t believe he was here at the school and I run him to him and gave him a huge warm hug.


“I didn’t know you were going to here this fall?” I said and still hugging him, and I couldn’t help smelling his cologne. Oh my goodness he smells so good like warm chocolate brownies with chocolate chip cookies which made my mouth water.


“Hey stranger I didn’t know you were here either” he said and gave a warm kiss on the lips. “I hope we can hang out some time, maybe we might have the same class or lunch and oh my gosh I can’t wait!!!” I said with a huge warm smile on my face.


“Yeah me too, it's too bad that the guys and the girls dorms are not near each other because that would have saved a long walk every single day, oh well I am going to need the exercise.” Damon said and smiled that light up his eyes.


“Yeah, me too. Oh what group are you in? I am in group two.” I said and wasn’t trying tripped on the rug because the rug’s corner was not in place.


“So am I an angel, this is going to be fun” he said while reaching for my hand. I know he really likes me.


“So am I an angel, this is going to be a fun year” he said while reaching for my hand. I know he really likes me.


“Yeah, it will be a fun year and I get to be here with you Damon” I said without blushing but I couldn’t help smiling.


“Hey Bray?” I asked him and look right at him while walking almost bumping him. “Yeah?” he said and kept walking.


“Do you believe in love first sight?” I asked him and try not to blush.


“Yes I do, why you believe in it?” he asked me.


“I do, maybe there is a reason why I saw you at the dinner” I told him and looked away. “Maybe we were meant to be together or something?” he said.


“Yeah, I think so too!” I said and looked away from him until I spotted a tree.


About three hours or so our tour group stops at the main building where the guys and the girls can out, which are in the middle of the guys and girls dorm room buildings. The building lookalike it was just coming from straight out of college magazines. The entire door’s to the inside had a scanner that you had to swipe you school Id which means that any female can get into the building and for the guys too. Damon desired to come with me to check out my dorm room with me while mom and Skyler went to check out the middle building to see what was inside and to look around. While I and Damon were walking up to the building he asked…


“Do you know where your room is?” he asked while I was looking in the folder for my dorm room sheet with the information on it.


“Yup room 205 and it says that I get a roommate too, I just hope we get alone or something.” I said while we were looking for my new room.


“Your room has been over here just a couple of doors down, and look it’s right now” Damon said and guides me to my new bedroom. We enter the room 205 and saw that there was a girl in the room. The room looks and feels just right plus I don’t have to be in ere alone. I walked up to the girl and introduce me and Damon.


“Hi I’m Mackenzie, I was assigned to this room and I am your new roommate. For this school year” I said when she turns around and saw me and smiled.


“Oh hi my name is Michael but you can call me Leah it’s short for my name and I am so glad to meet you. I could smell your boyfriend or friend over there by the bed.” Michael said then while making sure the room was just right for her too.


“Really you can? How? Are you a vampire or something like that? “I asked her like I was a reporter form a big news channel or something.


“Yeah I am, but actually I am a part werewolf so I could smell him from a mile and away” she said while sitting the on the bed on the other side of the room which I guess it will be hers.


“I sense you to form a mile away” he said while walking right by my side he said and then looked out the window, “Well I should go find my find my room, so I will see you later or at the dinner thing and let you girls talk to get to know each other” he said and kissed me on the cheek and walked off.


“How can you smell him?” I asked puzzled.


“Well he has a sent that only wolves can smell of angels especially the black wings . And can I ask you something?” she asked me.


“What kind are you well I mean like a wolf? Vamp or something?” she asked me and sat sown right next to me on my bed.


“Nope I am an angel and I also have a special power that I can heal things like animals, plants and stuff.” I told her.


“Wow!! The only thing I have wolf and vampire stuff like super speed, super strong and stuff like that but I’m not that strong like the guys but I can take down a guy.” Michael said.


“Sweet so which side do you want since you got here first? Are you new here too well I mean a first year student like me?” I asked her while looking around the room. The room had one window in the middle of the wall in the back, two medium size closets, twin sized beds, two dresses and desks.


“Yup, and I would take the left side of the room. And hey I hope we get to know each other better and be friends soon.


Sorry I got a phone call from my mom, she probably knows where I and plus it's almost dinner.” she said and went to go take a phone call.


While she was talking to her mom me texted Damon to see if I can come and check his room out and meet his new roommate. I took out my phone and started a new text message to Damon saying…


  *Text Message To Damon,


Hey what room number are you? Because I wanted to check out your room and meet your dorm roommate if he is there? PS: I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again!! ;) LOL


~Mackenzie aka Angel XOXO…

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