Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


7. (6) Text Message From Damon

While I was in the bathroom I checked my makeup which kind of whip off from earlier. I took out my makeup from my bag and put my makeup case on to the sink and then looked on to the mirror. I started to touch up my makeup and about five minutes I packed up my makeup bag case. Then I walked back to the table and say the cute waiter smiling at me. When I sat down at the table the waiter came and drop off some napkins and our soda. He smiled and gave us our drinks and told us that our food is going to be ready in twenty minutes then he walked back to the to the manager and said that he was going go outside for a bit. About two minutes later Skyler got up from the table and walked outside to talk to the waiter.


“My sister likes you and I never tell she looks like that when she sees a cute guy” she said to him and sat on top of the picking table.


“Really? I think she is really cute to too and do you think you can bring her out of here for me because I am kind of shy around girls who are really cute like your sister” he said and scratched his head.


“Sure yeah, and by the way my name is Skyler, and I am her sister” she said and put out her hand to shake his hand.


“Sweet and my name is Damon but you can call me Bray for short and my dad is the owner and manager of the dinner so I work her sometimes” he said and shook her hand.


“You should come and talk to her, I know she will like that a lot” she told him.


“Yeah but, I think your food is done and I better go deliver the food to you guys later” he said they both walked to into the diner.


He walks towards the counter and while Skyler walked back to the table.


“Wow our waiter looks really cute, I wonder if he has a girlfriend because I think he must be an amazing guy to be with” my mom said and smiled.


“Mom! That is like so gross even thinking about it makes me say eww… in so many ways” I said and made a disgusting face.


“Mackenzie, I think you really get his number and by the way his name is Damon and I meet him outside. He told me that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he thinks you are really cute Mackenzie. And this is your chance because it looks like he is going to take out the trash go and take to him.” Skyler said and nudge me in the arm.


“Fine, I will go wish me luck and he does look really cute and I should go get his number” I said with a giggle and stood up to go catch up to the waiter which he was outside already by the huge dumpster.


“Hey so, I was wondering why my sister said that you don’t have a girlfriend because you look like you have one and you do like really hot too” I said and look away from him feeling like I shouldn’t said it.


“Actually no I don’t, and really you do think I look hot? Plus I was saying the same thing in my head about you are being really cute” he said and smiled that made my heart skip a beat. “Really, and I got to go I think maybe we… should … um… get… to… know each other” I said and blushed.


“Yeah me too, hey here is my cell number call me but after my shift okay which ends in about an hour oh yeah and text me too” he said with a huge smile across his face and wink at me then handed a tiny piece of paper with his name and phone number then I program his number with a picture of him into my phone.


“Oh I forgot to tell you my name, mines Mackenzie and yours is?” I said and smiled.


“My name is Damon but you can call me Bry for short, so I will text you later and I got to go bring your food to you girls after I washed my hands later” Damon said and went to the kitchen to wash his hands while I went to go back to the table and sat down.


“So did you get his number yet? I hope you know that I am fine if you are starting to date and I think if your father was here he would be really happy about it” my mom said as the waiter come to our table with our food.


“Here is the food girls, and enjoy, just let me know if you need anything else” Damon said and smiled when he gave us our food then walked back to the counter to give a customer change.


While we are eating lunch I still couldn’t stop looking at Damon he so cute and I can’t believe I got his number. Skyler still loves her pancakes and still have chocolate on her face every time she ate chocolate chip pancakes. My mom was not trying to get caught by trying to still some bits of Skyler’s pancakes while she wasn’t looking and I tried to take a slip of her shake but I got caught, she threw a French fry at me. Then I and Skyler told mom that some cute guy was checking her out and made her blush. When she turns around we are made of eating and getting ready to hit the road. Skyler went to go pay for the food at the counter while me and mom watched, since she still wanted to be treated like a big girl who we still did. As soon as she came back she told me…


“Sis, Damon said that he was going to go on to lunch in a few minutes and make sure that you gave him your number so he knows who is texting him” Skyler said while zipping her hoodie which was sky blue like her eyes.


“Okay, in fact I will be right back oh ok” I said while putting my hoodie on and started to walk to Damon which he was cleaning off a table that has dirty dishes that he was putting in the a tub with other dishes.


“Hey Mackenzie what’s up? Did you forget to give me your number earlier?” he said and smiled that makes my heart skip a beat and put butterfly’s in my stomach.


“Um… yea I did, give me your phone so that I can program my number into your phone?” I asked Damon then smiled.


“Here you go, don’t forget to take a picture of you for caller Id picture” he said and gave me his phone, his phone is a silver and black iPhone touch. I typed my name, some information and my phone number with a picture of me.


“Here you go, and I will text you as soon as I can” I said and gave him his phone back. “Thanks, so text you later” he said and gave me a surprise kiss on my check, I could feel my check turn hot and blushed.


“Bye and wow I… can’t…. believe… you just did that, but I like it” I said and keep blushing from the kiss then I surprise kiss him on the cheek but he turned his head so fast that I got him on the kiss.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it and I know I shouldn’t have done that. I think you guys are leaving now text  you later, bye” he said then turned around and walk off.

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