Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


6. (5) The Diner & Mystery Cutie

I pulled out of our driveway and headed down the street to the main road to the highway which it was kind of busy from rush hour. The highway went t the ocean and wind up the of coast in a wave like shape. The ocean looks beautiful in the morning light it remains me my father’s favorite time of day. I wished my dad was still alive because he would be so proud of me and he would want to see my dorm room and drive me to the first day of school. Every time I look around something always reminds me of him and always brings tears to my eyes. I know deep down in my heart that he is looking down on me and smiling.


While driving Skyler fell asleep listing to my iPod and was listening to a song called “Angel’s Love Kiss”, this is mine and hers and my favorite song of all time. I could hear Skyler singing to the song as she slept in the back seat of the car and my mom couldn’t help herself by singing off key to the song which made me laugh.


About two hours later we stopped at a local diner in a small town called Olympia to eat lunch. We found a booth near the medium size television which had a local news channel on the intestine of some kind of kid show. A waiter comes to our booth to ask…


“Do you need more time or are you ready to order?” he said while tearing an old order from his mini black notebook.


“Can we have a couple of minutes please” my mom asked the waiter who was surprisingly hot, he was athletic built with medium auburn hair and beast brown eyes, he looks about my age damn he is so hot I wish I had a better top on.


Mackenzie, Skyler do you know what you want to eat?” my mom said while reading her menu.


“Yup, I want chocolate chip pancakes with extra chips” Skyler said while still looking at her menu and deciding what to drink.


“Oh I don’t think you want to have extra chocolate chips because you might get a tummy ache again” my mom said.


“No I won’t mom because I only will have two pancakes this time” my sister said. “Oh okay if you say so and where is that waiter because I am so hungry for a big juicy cheeseburger with a huge chocolate chip shake” my mom said while looking around for the waiter.


“I think I want the chicken selects with extra barbecue sauces and with a large Pepsi” I said to the waiter while looking at the menu.


“Do you want the meal then because you get fires with the chicken selects and the soda?” he said and winked which made me blush and giggled.


“Yea sure that would be great” I said while not trying to blush again and looked down.


“Is there anything else you girls might want or need?” he said and looked straight at me and blushed.


“Oh yea can I get a coffee with extra cream and sugar also a slice of cherry pie and that would be all thanks” my mom told him.


He wrote down the rest of the order and collects the menus and walk off to the counter to give the cook your order of food. I couldn’t stop staring at him, I can’t believe he winked at me and blushed. I can feel butterfly’s in my stomach every time I time I looked at him even from the back when he was either at the counter or busting tables. I was day dreaming what it was like if we went out to my mom snapped me out of my daydreaming and said…


“Wow, our waiter  is so cute and I wonder what his name is?” my mom said and looked at the TV.


“His name is Damon, I saw it on his name tag and I think he is about fifteen just like Mackenzie” Skyler said while playing her sky blue Nintendo DS, she loves that things never go anywhere without it.


“Mackenzie you should ask for his number and I bet you guys make a really cute couple just like your dad and me” my mom said and pick up Skyler’s case that dropped on the floor.

“Fine maybe later anywhere where is the bathroom because I don’t see it” I said while looking around for the restrooms.


“It’s over there I can see it, it’s over there” my mom said and point to the backside of the dinner.


“Thanks, be right back” I said while standing up and grab my orange plaid total bag then walked to the bathroom.

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