Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


5. (4) The School's Orientation

I was the first one up, so I went to go check mom’s room to see if she had returned from work, but she wasn’t there so then I walked downstairs and saw her making some coffee which made my mouth watered. I can’t believe that she was up this early on her day off; I forgot it was the day to go to school, to feel and see what the school is like. I went to take a shower, but first I went to go wake up Skyler and told her we were leaving in a couple of hours. I picked out my favorite jeans and shirt which was orange of course, and then I took me about a fifteen minute shower.


After my shower I changed into my clothes, brush my teeth, washed my faced and put my hair into a pony tail. By the time I got done I walked by to my bedroom and stop in Skyler’s room, she was picking out her clothes for the day. I kept walking to my room to pack my messenger bag with my iPod, laptop with charger, my orange notebook, pen, keys and wallet, and some other things. When I walked downstairs I could smell chocolate chip pancakes, I walked into the kitchen and walked to the cupboard to grab some cups of orange juice. I poured some for Skyler because she loves it and she really doesn’t like the taste of coffee. I told Skyler…


“Skyler you must really like those chocolate chip pancakes, because you have chocolate all over your face” I said and started laughing with mom.


“Yup, I do and I can eat them all day if I wanted to and won’t get tired of them" she said and shove a bite full of pancakes in her mouth.


“Girls, please finishes up because we have to leave in about thrifty minutes and Skyler make sure you wipe your mouth” mom said while she was reading the newspaper and drinking her coffee.


“Oh okay mom, and I can’t wait to see Kenzie dorm room and I also made a college with a huge poster tons of pictures all of us, so Kenzie could remember us while we she is at school” Skyler said and wiped her mouth with a napkin.


“Aww…. Thanks sis, I can’t wait to see it and I know I’m going to love it” I said while I was putting away my dirty dishes into the sink and put the orange juice back in the fridge.


“Me too, and Sky you should go grab it now so you can show it to her and put in the car for her to take and put in her room” my mom said while putting the rest of the dishes into the sink.

“Oh okay, I will back in about two minutes and don’t you dare leave me here” she said and ran upstairs to get the poster for me to see.


“I am so happy that you are going to school and I can’t believe my daughter is grown up so fast!” my mom said.


“Yeah I know, I am really going to miss you your guys and I hope you come and visited me when I at school” I told mom and my sister.


“Wow that was fast Skyler and it’s a good thing you didn’t rush down the stairs and tripped because we don’t want to end up the emergency room again” I said while not trying to laugh.


“Ha-ha very funny sis, and here the poster I made” she said and gave it to me to see.

“Oh my god I love it, thanks Sky it’s so pretty” I said and hugged her.


“Girls it’s time to go and Kenzie do you have some things you want to take and put it your dorm?” my mother asked me.


“Yup, I do it all in the car and packed up” I told her and got up checked to see if the oven was off because I didn’t want the house to burn down while we were gone.


“Okay everyone let’s go and last one out the door has to lock the door ready set go!” mom said while running out the door.


“Damn I’m always the last one of the door!” Sky said while locking the door and then we piled into the car and left the house.

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