Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


4. (3) Spending the Day with My Sister

The next morning, mom came into my bedroom to tell me that she was going to work in a bit and asked if she can check her e-mail to see how many hours, she has to work today on my laptop. My laptop and phone can convert to the supernatural world. Pretty much all of our stuff like phones, internet, video game systems and anything you could imagine does correct to our world, cool right I say it’s freaking awesome. Anyway I sat up in bed and look at mom and said….


“ Good morning mom, I already got Skyler’s birthday present we just have to pick it up at the pet store soon” I told her while she was still checking her e-mail.


“Oh, okay thanks I was going to leave after work to pick a kitten  up after work. And did you pay for it yet?” she said and turn to face me.


“Yup I did, well…. Skyler picks it out the wanted. We checked out the pet store on our way home from the bookstore and cafe” I told her.


“That saves me a trip after work and how did you get the money for the kitten?” she asked.


“Oh, I save up some money from summer, working at the sports store downtown” I said.


“Ok, well…. I will leave you alone now so I can go take a shower before work, later sweetie” my mother told me.


My mom got up from my desk, which it had my laptop on it. She headed to me my laptop which was unplugged and then gave it to me. After she gave my laptop back, I went to check my SoicalConnect page and checked my school email, which I already got set up in the early of summer. My SoicalConnect page and I had a lot of messages that I have to read and replay. It took me about fifteen minutes to read and reply to them. Most of the messages were from my favorite aunt and uncle saying hi and how I am doing. Next I checked my school email, I had about two emails from school saying that I have to go to school for oration in a couple of days and the other message was about school information, uniforms, dorm room's, supply list and many other things. Tomorrow I will have to go shopping for school and start to get my stuff for school together.


Later that day I started to make a list of things that I need and what things should I bring. I put on the list like clothes, uniforms which I should get in the mail sometime soon, laptop with my mouse and changer cord, pillows, blankets, some pictures from home and some stuffed animals. I wasn’t sure if we can wear our clothes for after school, nights and weekends. I hope that we can because I don’t want to be stuck in uniforms all the time and it would drive me crazy. Skyler found me and told me that she was going to help me today with my list and checked the school’s website for more information about the school suppers, rules, and course about uniform dress code. My sister told me….


“Hey Kenzie, I just found the school list information and about the uniform dress code” she said.


’Sweet, what does it say about the uniforms?” I asked her.


“It says that you have to wear your uniform during school hours, you don’t have to wear it during after school nights and weekends, and on weekends just only for school events too” She said while reading the information off the website.


“Whoo-hoo! That’s great because I don’t want to wear my uniform 24/7 that would make me go crazy or make me itch” I said while packing some of my clothes into a box.


“Oh that reminds me you got a package this morning from the school” Skyler said and gave me the box.


“Thanks, I wonder if this is my uniforms” I said while opening the package.


As I opened the box, I saw my uniforms, class schedule, and some school information that’s says about the school, sports and when we got off of the breaks such as winter and spring break which I can’t wait for. The first thing I saw was our skirts were different; the skirts are suspended to be black. But the skirts match our ties, green and black stripes plaid. I wonder why there aren’t black, there is a note saying why our skirts are the new way and the black ones were from the older days of the academy back in the old days when the school first open. I like the newer skirts instead of the old ones. The school changed a lot during the years like sports and clubs that they have now also I like it better because now the school has more technology than it used to. I went to the bathroom to try on one of my many, we get uniforms like about five pairs of everything and while Skyler went to go start playing club-kitten. About five minutes later, I came back and asked my sister…


“So what you do you think?” I asked as I turned around to show her a full look of my brand new uniform.


“I so like, I can’t wait to get my mine in about twelve months or so” she said and went back to playing her Club-kitten.


“Are you ready for orientation tomorrow and check out the academy and the campus?” my sister said.


“Yup, and to check out some cute boys too!" I just hope that they are some tough” I said and then we burst of laughing.


“I can’t wait either, and I can’t believe that one more week until school starts” I told her. “I know, let’s go make dinner I am so starving” she said.


Skyler and I went downstairs to go make dinner, but first I changed into some sweats and a hoodie which has my favorite band on it called “Night Dark Watchers”. I swear the leader of the band is so… cute and I so want to meet him someday. I quickly put my hair up into the mess pony tail then walked downstairs.


When I got to the kitchen Skyler took out some meat from the freezer to make some hamburgers. Mom was working late tonight, so its girls night just for us. After we made dinner, we made our self into the living room with our food and drinks. Skyler turns the television to our favorite TV show called “Supernatural High”.


We ate while watching the show and talked during how cute the guys were and the girls being all that. We watched back to back episodes which lasted a couple of hours. Finally it was about nine o’  clock which meant it was bedtime for Skyler. She fell asleep on the couch so I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom which she doesn’t like sleeping alone at night. I tucked her in and kissed her good night and turn some music on, then slide into the other side of the bed and closed my eyes to fall asleep. We slept until the next morning.


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