Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


3. (2) The Adventure

In the morning I got ready for the day, mom told me that I could take Skyler to the bookstore to get some books to read since she also loves to read. I love to read and write in my spare time and I never go anywhere without my book and writing journal. Skyler wanted to come with me so she gets a book that she will enjoy reading. My mom was asleep; she didn’t have to get up until noon to get back to work. My sister was up and in the kitchen making some of her favorite cereal Reese’s puffs and she made me a bowl too. We ate our breakfast then started to clean up; after we were done I went to mom’s room to ask her…


“Mom I am going to the bookstore to get some books and Bella’s cafe afterward, Skyler want to know if she can tag along with me is that okay with you.” I asked.


“Yeah that’s fine takes some money on the dresser ok? And some money for Skyler too" she said.


“Oh ok, I am taking sixty bucks ok? And we will eat lunch too, thanks mom love you." I said when I took the money off mom’s dresser.


“Have fun and be safe love you guys later and I am going to back to sleep nightly." mom said when she was going to back to sleep with a sound of Zzzz…..


I came downstairs and found Skyler packing up her messenger bag with het things that she is going to take with her; I told her that she can tag along with me to the book store and the café. She loves it when we got to the bookstore that is about ten blocks away from our house. I grabbed the keys and locked the door; we are on a new adventure today that what Skyler said.


“Yeah we are going to Bella’s café my favorite café in the whole wide world I hope they're still of my chocolate muffins" my sister while jumping up and down because she was so happy that we are going.


“Yup and the bookstore and mom gave me some money for you too. So you can get a book too if you want,” I said while we are walking the ten blocks to the bookstore.


About fifteen minutes later, we are at the bookstore. The book store was kind of small but sells the best books in the town. This bookstore is where I always get my books to read and I have been here since I was a little kid. Before my dad passed away, he would always take me here every single week and always takes to Bella’s cafe to eat afterwards. Skyler likes this bookstore too but she doesn’t remember that dad took her here many years ago before he was gone. I went to the teen section while Skyler went the go check out the new section of books. I saw a book called “Twilight Woods,” Skyler’s favorite movie but in a book. It wasn’t too thick for her to read but she likes big books and the challenged of reading it just like me. I picked up the book and went to go look for her, a couple minutes later I found her sitting in a chair, she looks very sad.


“Hey Skyler, look at what I found just for you…. Why do you look so sad.” I said while hugging her.


“I… can’t find a book… you know “Twilight Woods” movie but a book." she said while looking down on the floor.


“Well I found the book you are looking for and I got an extra copy for me so we can read along if you want to and so I can have a book that reminds me of you while I am at school." I said and gave her a copy of the book.


“Thanks sis, I am really happy now and how many weeks do you have to leave for school?” she asked.


“About a month so I need to spend lots of time with my best friend and sister. And let’s pay for these books and go to Bella’s. “I said and kissed her cheek like just like always since she was little.


“Yeah and I bet I can race you to the front desk ready one… two… three go!!” she said while running and I followed her trying to catch up to her, she was faster than I was maybe because she was smaller and younger than I was but hey she is having fun and I can’t stop her.

“I win so that means I get a big cookie at the café? Skyler asked and laughed.


“Yup and a big glass of milk with a mouse goes with it." I said and started to laugh with her.

“Ha-ha very funny I don’t think mom would let me have a mouse in the house.” she said and laughed again.


The bookstore keeper rang up our books and Skyler ran to get some bookmarks for and for her that says best friends and sisters for life. He told us our books cost about thirty bucks and I gave Skyler the money and she gives the money to him since she wanted to feel like a grown up. After we got our change and put the books in a bag we head to Bella’s Cafe and got a huge cookie and a big glass of milk that we shared. We stay there like an hour chit chatting about school and how I would miss her and went to on my laptop that had a secret code only the supernatural world knows about. It blocks what we on and looking up so no one’s what we up too.


The uniforms look the same but a bit different for the girls and the guys. The girls would have to wear black skirts that has to go to down to the knee’s, green knee-high socks, white button polo shirts with buttons, green and black stripped plaid ties and black shoes. And the boys would have to wear black pants and shoes, white button polo shirts with buttons, green and black striped ties and green socks. We also have to a gray jacket which has our school’s logo on it. I am not a big fan of wearing uniforms but oh well I can survive. Plus we get our own dorm with some dorm-room mates, how cool is this and I hope that my new roommate can be my friend.


I signed off my laptop and started to pack our stuff and to head home. But first we order a chocolate chip muffin for mom, because we knew that she would get hungry later at work. While walking home we saw the town’s pet store and Skyler begged me to go into the store and looked around for a bit. I gave up on trying to say no because mom had wanted us to be home before dinner and when she came home from work. I said yes because I didn’t want to her to throw a huge hiss-fit in front of people and make me look bad just me she can do it. I took her head and me. As soon we walked into the pet store, but as soon as we walked in we saw some small cute kittens that were for sale.


The kittens looked so cute and cuddly that makes you feel like you have to pick one of them up and start cuddling with them and you don’t even want to let go of one of the kittens. Skyler saw one kitten that she really likes and she wishes she could have the kitten as her own. The kitten was orange with beastly brown eyes with white paws. As soon as I saw her face I knew that the kitten was right for her, she picked up the kitten and started cuddling with it. It was so cute that I even took a picture of them on my phone, and set as my background. Skyler looked at me and asked….


“Mackenzie, do you think that mom would let get a kitten, when you are at school or get to have one for my birthday” my sister asked me.


“I don’t know Skyler, but I would ask mom later and plus your birthday is in like what?” I said.

“In about two days, I can’t believe that I am going to turn thirteen years old this year” Skyler said.


“Me too, soon you are going to be teenager like me and not a preteen anymore’’ I told Skyler.


“I ‘m going to go look at the small animals, oh okay Mackenzie?” my sister asked.


“Yeah, sure just don’t get bit or pooped on” I teased then stick out my tough.


“Ha-ha very funny oh I will, just kidding I won’t” she said then we both laughed.


“I am going to find you in thirty minutes or so” I told her.


“Ok, later” she said and walked off to the small animal area.


As soon as she walked away, I went to the cashier to find out how much is the orange kitten and see if someone already adopted it. She said no, and I told her that I would buy the kitten for my sister’s birthday. The kitten cost about five hundred dollars which I saved up from working at the sports store in the summer. The cashier rang up the price for the kitten; I wrote a check for and gave it to her. I know that my sister would be happy that she got the kitty that she wanted. I watched the cashier put up a sign saying the kitten had just been adopted. About thirty minutes later I want to go find Skyler and make her know that it was time to start heading home for dinner. I was thinking about making Mac & cheese with hot dogs for dinner. That sounds good right about now. I found Skyler and told her it’s time to go. While we are walking out of the store she said…


“Awww… the kitten that I wanted is already sold” she said and had a huge frown on her face.

“I know, I think I know who is going to be that kitten owner soon” I said.


“Really? Tell me… tell me please I promise not to tell anyone” she said.


“Well you are going to find out soon” I said and smiled.


Skyler didn’t know yet the kitten we saw in the pet store; the orange one was going to be hers soon. I was so happy because she didn’t know that I brought it with some help from mom. I can’t believe that my sister was going to turn ten into days. It’s a good thing that I ordered the chocolate chip mint pie already and mom is going to have to pick it up from the bakery. I also brought some stuff for the kitty such as food, litter box with cat litter, toys and ect… all in Skyler’s favorite she likes her present because I save up all my all money up from working at the sports store from this summer.


When we got home, mom was already there. She must have gotten off of work early before we got home. My mom must off read our minds or something because she was making Mac & cheese with hot dogs. I was going to set the table, but first I had to hang up my keys and washed my hands from petting the kittens at the pet store. When my hands were dry, I set the table and Skyler went to go put food on the table. We all sat down and had dinner then clean up. We played a couple of games before going to bed and fell asleep.


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