Deep Dark Secrets

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


13. (12) Flash Back: Dad's Visit & Bad News

As soon as we walked down the main hall of the hospital floor we got hit by a smell of very clean rooms and a very strong smells of cleaning supplies, one of the staff members has to be cleaned out one of the patient rooms on this floor. While walking down the halls some of the nurse’s had a sad face, we didn’t know why maybe something had bad happen to them at some point or maybe they had a very depressing day. When I saw Skyler’s face she lookalike she was going to start crying in tears, so I put my arm around her in confront and tell her that I will be here for her no matter what.


About two minutes later we were just about to walk into the room when a doctor came out of the room with a clipboard. He was wearing a long white medical coat like other doctor’s were wearing. He was very tall but not too tall, athletic; he looks just like he walked out of a television show that was very popular. As we walked past us we gave us huge wide and smile like he was hiding some sort of bad news. As soon we walked into the room we saw our parents. Mom was wiping her eyes with a tissue; she must have stop crying for a long time. And dad was not looking so well, he had lots of cuts all over his body, he had a breathing tube in his mouth and he looks like he is in coma or some sort. Skyler immediately to ran mom while she was running funny because of her badly bruise foot and he hugs mom like she had never seen her in years. I was stuck in a wheelchair and our nurse wheeled me over to my mom and my sister then she left to give us some privacy. Mom smiled and told us….


“I am so glad that you guys are all right, I have been very worried and very scared. I thought I have lost you to” mom said and gave as a huge warm hug and a kiss on our foreheads.


“Mom is dad going to be oh ok?” she said while looking at dad who was in the hospital bed and sitting in mom’s lap.


“I do not know baby, the doctors didn’t tell me anything but only told me that you girls have no any serious injuries which I am very happy about. But your dad, well he is not doing so well now” mom said and hugged Skyler and trying to keep her on her lap like when she did when she was little.


“I really hope that dad will be oh okay and can return back to our normal lives. Mom, the doctor told me that I have a broken leg or what is a fracture, I don’t know which one but my leg hurts: I said while trying to get more comfortable in my wheelchair.


The same doctor came in the room; he looked like he had some bad news to tell us, I hope it’s not that bad because I don’t want to lose him. Skyler slides off of mom’s lap and came to come to sit in mine. As soon as she sat on my lap I wrapped my arms around her so that she wouldn’t fall off or get more injured than her now. The doctor checked dad’s heart rate on the monitor and then turned to face my mom and said…


“May I talk to you in private, so I can tell you what is wrong with your husband's condition? I do not want to give your daughters a scare” he said while standing on the other side of the bed. “Sure one second, girls stay here and watched some television or something while I take to the doctor for a moment” she said while turning on the TV for us and then walked out the door with the doctor.


While Skyler and I were watching a new TV show that is more like a teen kind of show and has lots teen related to most teens. A few moments later we heard a sharp cry sound, we didn’t know if it was our mom or some other person. We were very worried about the news that the doctor was telling our mother now. About ten minutes later mom had come into the room with some tissue in her hand; she looked like she just had a meltdown from the news. Her face was red and a bit puffy; her body was shaking like she just got scared. We knew that something bad was going to happen sometime soon because we could feel it our guts. Mom walked to us and grabs our hands and she said….


“I just got some terrible news, your dad has a collapsed lung and has stage four kidney cancer, it's hard telling if he will survive or not we do not know at this time. I am very sorry for not telling you that dad has cancer, I didn’t want you guys to worry about him all the time and I thought that it was the best to not to tell you until we find out how bad the cancer is. Right now he is in a coma for the past three days. I am scared what will happen next, for now we need to pray for him so he can get better and healed for the cancer.” mom said and looked down like she was just about to cry again.


I couldn’t help started crying about what my mom just said to my sister and I, Skyler got up from my lap and ran straight into  mom warm arms and hug . Her arms were tightly around mom’s stomach and she just started to cry like mom had done earlier. This was the worst time for this to happen to all of us. Why does this have to happen now? Why mom and dad didn’t tell us earlier than today that he has cancer. We were very scared that we didn’t know if he was going to die or not. It was time to leave dad’s room and go back to our room because it was time to get some sleep. Mom didn’t leave his side for the last couple days. Right before we were going to leave the room mom and gave a hug and a kiss. Skyler went to the side of dad‘s bed. She hugged him like it was the last time she will ever hug him again. She said to dad….


“Daddy please don’t leave us, you have to fight this battle, and I don’t if you can hear me or not. But please, you need to stay in our lives we can’t live without you. Please dad don’t leave us!!” she said while hugging him and kissed his cheek while crying. We both said good night to mom and left the room for the night.

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