Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


12. (11) Flash back: The Hospital

My eyes are closed but I could hear the premedical’s, the nurses and even the doctors talking about the car crash and something about what’s going on but I couldn’t hear very good because I might of black out again. I didn’t know where they were or even know if they were dead or even injured. I could feel the bed sheets against my skin and a clear tube that in left arm. I could smell bleach with other chemicals that filled the air and the room. I didn’t know if this was a nightmare or even real, but I didn’t want to wake up. I heard the nurse come in and check up on me and that’s when I woke up. I asked the nurse…


“Where are my sister and my dad? Where am I? What happened?” I said while I was trying to figure where I was and there were so many questions I wanted to ask her.


“Sweetie, you were in a car crash and you sister and dad are here in the hospital which we are taking care of both of them. And your sister is down the hall and your dad is in the I.C.U. (Internal Care Unit).” She said in a calm voice.


“Wait, can I see them? Is my mom here? Oh my gosh Skyler must be freaking out right about now!” I said to my nurse without panicking.


“Yes you can in fact let me go get a wheelchair for you, I will be right back oh and your mom is with your father now” she said then walked out to get a wheel chair.


I can’t believe the car crash has happened one minute we were our way to the book store and the next minute we are here at the hospital. I just hope that Skyler and dad are oh okay and not badly hurt. I think the driver who hit us was either drunk or talking on the phone or texting. As I waited for my nurse to come back, I turned on the TV and found our local news station. The female news reporter was talking about the car crash that just happen a few days ago and I figure out that we were in that accident. Before the nurse comes back I flip it to the teen movies and shows station. My nurse came in with the wheelchair for me and said…


“Ready to go sweetie, I will help you get into the wheelchair and let’s go see your sister. By the way you and your sister were lucky to wear seat belts. And you have a broken leg which your sister told me that you love the color orange, so I asked the doctor if you can have the color for your cast and he said yes plus your sister ask for a sky blue striped for your cast” she said while helping into the wheel chair.


“What about my sister? Does she have any broken bones?” I asked while we left my room and begin to go down to her room.


“Nope she only has bruises and cuts but she will be fine so we are going to keep you guys here for a couple of days for tests” she said and then turn into a room that my sister was staying in.“Hey sis, nice cast and I get to pick the colors out. I hope you are oh okay with it and guess what I’m watching now? She said and then smile.


“I love the colors thanks sis, and it is “Twilight Woods”?” I said to my sister.

“Yup, it just started and is it oh okay if she can stay here for a for a while? And is it possible if she can move into here while we here?” she asked the nurse.


“I will ask the doctor about it and let me know if you need anything oh and enjoy the movie girls” she said and wave then walked off.


While we were watching the movie I couldn’t help think about dad and how is he doing right about now. I hope he isn’t in a coma or something because that would be very sad for mom and I know she won’t leave his side for less if she was checking on us. I didn’t know where he is in the hospital or what kind of the situation. I am scared what might happen to him. I guess I will find out later when I visit him.


After the movie was over I called our nurse who was taking care of us and asked her if when can go visit our dad and she said it’s fine. So now where we're on our way of visiting with him, Skyler was so happy because she wasn’t allowed to see him and she was kind of sad for him too. Skyler wanted to push me to dad’s hospital room and I said yes, while the nurse was helping Skyler out of bed. Surprising she can walk just a little because she has a badly bruise ankle. About a couple of minutes later we were walking down the hall to the elevator which was the color of a pretty green not to dark and not to light it was just right. When we got off of the elevator Skyler smiled because she knew that she was going to see dad soon and I was happy to because I wanted to see him too. And Skyler and I get to see him in a bit.

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