Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


11. (10) Flash back: The Moment That Change Our Lives

Today was April 27th, 2008. I was a typically raining day in Valley Cove not to rainy or stormy it was just right. Today was the day when I never expected to come, and wish it didn’t come but it did. Today I lost my one of my best friends and my father. He was always there for me, like cheering for me every time I swim a race when I was smaller, always there for me whenever I needed him. I wish that this day never happens because I wouldn’t have to lose him and my mom and sister too. I woke up at six o’ clock like every morning, it was just lightly misting outside of my bedroom window. I love the rain when it was just like this; I love the way the rain smell and feeling of it on my skin.


I sat up in my bed and turn off my alarm clock which as turn on to my favorite radio station which plays all kinds of music from country to metal and all between. I rolled over on my side waiting for my body to get up which it was not that easy because my body was sore from running yesterday. I finally have the guts to get my lazy side of self-up. I walked to my closet which had most of my clothes hanging up on the rack. I didn’t want to pick something that will make me look too girly like those properly girls from top schools that always had some girls who think they are better than any other kid in the school. I grab my one of favorite athletic shorts and a tee shirt which was orange and black with a Nike sign on them. I walked to the bathroom which me and my sister shared since our parents had their own that was corrected to their bedroom. When I was just about to enter when my sister ran out of the bathroom and said to me…


“Hey Mackenzie, don’t worry I save you some hot water and I swear I didn’t get the floor again, by the way I’m sorry about what happen last time” she said and walked back to her room.


“Thanks, and yes no water on the floor!” I shouted down the hall after which I guess she didn’t hear me because her bedroom door was closed.


I turned around and walked back into the bathroom to take a shower. Skyler was right about the hot water and it’s a good thing that the water wasn’t ice cold or some kind of cold water. I turned on the shower on so the water can warm up a bit. I walk to the closest to grab a clean towel then walked back and turn the radio on in the bathroom.


About fifteen minutes later I got dried off and got ready for the day. I walked back to my room and found Skyler sitting on the bed.


“Hey sis, can you put some make-up on me please?” she asked and of course I couldn’t say no to her and plus I love giving her make over’s.


“Yes, come and sit over by my desk and I will put some make-up on you and you will look so cute” I said to her and walked over my desk and I started to put some light make-up on her.


About five minutes later Skyler and I are wearing some makeup. We look like we just stepped out of seventeen magazine with our fresh new look. Skyler got up from the chair and went to go look at herself in the mirror that was hanging on the back of my door while I was putting the makeup away in the case. She looks like she is an angel from Skyler oh wait she is an angel. Anyway we walked downstairs to eat breakfast which mom and dad made. As soon as Skyler sat down at the kitchen counter table and said…


“Mommy, can I go with Mackenzie and dad to the book store please?” she asked mom.


“You are going to have to ask dad because he is driving and I have to go to work?” mom said while flipping the pancakes while dad was making the cheese eggs.


“Yeah, Skyler can come plus I bet she wants to see if there is any books that she might like” I said while get the food on the plates.


“Hurry up it’s almost time to go and I was thinking that we can go check out that new store in the center court downtown” he said and finish up his breakfast and so was Skyler.


About twenty minutes later we were on our way to the book store in our family car. I was sitting in the front passage seat; Skyler was in the back seat and dad was driving. The rain was starting pick up a bit and the wind too, and the road was getting a bit slippery. I turn on the radio station that we all like, as soon as we were in the middle of the crossroad. All sudden this driver on the other side of the intersection and went out of control.

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