Extraordinary Academy of Supernatural & Gifted

Summary is the first chapter due to more than 1000 Characters and also needs to be edited too...


2. (1) Prologue / How I Got My Name

Have you ever had a deep dark secret and can’t tell anyone? Well I have a couple deep dark secrets and I can’t tell people because they will think that I am crazy and that I should go in a mental hospital and have to take some pills. But I am not crazy and I don’t need to be in a mental hospital, or to have to take some crazy pills. I know that there are people out there somewhere in the world who have the same kind of secret, but different in many ways. One of my deepest darkest secrets is that I am an angel. I know it sounds crazy at first but it is who I am. I can’t help it that I am an angel, and I can’t change who I am going to be for the rest of my life. It’s hard to keep a secret from people, especially people who you can trust. Sometimes I just wish people would know my secret and be fine with it, instead of thinking I need help or something.

I have a special power of healing people, plants, and animals. I have two huge white wings that come out of my shoulder blades. My wings are white with silver sparkles on my feathers. My family members are angels too, but we have to keep our wings hidden from humans so they won’t freak out or do something weird to us. I live with my mom and my sister; they are the only people I have left. I used to have a dad, but he died in a tragic car crash. He died when I was about six years old. My sister was about five years old when he died. I don’t remember much about him or his death and neither does my sister. I am now fourteen years old and she is about twelve years old. We are about fourteen months apart, some people think we’re twins; we don’t lookalike each other to some people because they know who is who. We have different personalities, likes and dislikes and many other things.

I live in a small town called Valley Cove in Washington State. The population is about around one thousand or closes near that amount. Valley Cove is not on the coastline but only a couple of miles away very close to valley that is near the ocean. Valley Cove got its name because the town is near the coast, and it is in a valley between mountains nearby and the coast. The town isn’t like a huge city; it’s more like a sleepy town and pretty much everyone knows each other but not always. We don’t have a mall so we have to go to a nearby city to go shopping. The town only has small shops, cafe, bookstores and ect… The town has a medium size hospital that you can go to if there’s an emergency or just for a checkup. I love living in this town, it’s way better than a city because no high school drama or anything for the human world.

I also live in a small house with my mother Kelly, and my sister Skyler. My mom works at the hospital; she is the head nurse of all the nurses. She works sometimes forty-eight hours it depends on her work shifts, so I look after Skyler, while she works. Skyler is home schooled until she is about fourteen like me, than she can go to a private prep school which is more like an academy for the supernatural world. The school is called Night Crest Preparatory Academy. In the fall it will be my first year there, I am kind of sacred because I won’t be living with my mom and sister for the year. I don’t have many friends besides my mom and sister until I get to school. I will miss them and I will always keep in touch with them.

I always wondered how I got my name; I think it has to do with being an angel or the time of day I was born or something. So I will have to ask my mom when she gets home from the hospital. As my mom walked into the door and puts her stuff from work on the kitchen table I asked her….

“Hi mom, how was work?” I asked as Skyler ran to mom to give her a big hug and kiss. “Good, but just a bit slows today. It’s a good thing that I’m home and get to spend some time with my two favorite girls in the whole wide world." she said, sounding tired.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to watch a movie or play a game after dinner." Skyler said cheerfully and smiled.

“Mmmm…. The chicken and potatoes smell really good right about now” I said.

“Thanks for making dinner girls, I didn’t think I could make dinner tonight because I am kind of tired.” said mom.

“I helped to mom; I helped with mashing the potatoes and helped set the table." Skyler said smiling.

“Yup, Skyler helped me with dinner and she does make a cute little chef. You’re welcome, anytime. Plus we love making dinner for you. Skyler can you please go wash up for dinner please?" I asked while putting the food on the table.

When it was time for dinner, the sun was just beginning to set for the night and the sunset was beautiful. Skyler ran to the table and sat in her favorite chair, mom and I sat on the chairs that are on the opposite of Skyler. We began to eat and began to have a dinner conversation and I asked mom…

“Mom how did I get my name? It is because that we are angels or something?" I said puzzled. “Well yes and no. You got your name because you were named after your grandmother, she was an amazing mother of your father and that’s how you got your name Mackenzie." mom said happily.

’’What about me mom? How did I get my name?" Skyler said. “Well Skyler I think you should know one reason?" mom said.

“Oh I think I know, it’s because we are angels and we are somehow related to the sky, right?" my sister said.

“Yes, that is right. But I like Skyler because it’s reminding me of the sky and very beautiful and bright just like you." mom said and touch Skyler knows which she smiled.

“I like your name, and it does fit with your personality Skyler." I said with a warm smile.

“And I love your name Mackenzie and mom how did you get the name Kelly?” my sister asked. “Well…. I was named after my mother’s favorite singer, so she named me Kelly because she loves that name and that’s how I got my name.” mom said.

After dinner we cleaned up and then had Skyler’s favorite dessert, Chocolate Chip Mint pie, she loves the pie because it was all over her mouth and her nose just like when she was little. My mom and I were laughing because it was so funny and so cute at the same time; Skyler wiped her mouth and nose then smiled. Mom and I took turns drying the dishes while Skyler went to go get ready for bed and picked out her favorite movie; “Twilight Woods”. We all watched the movie and after the movie we all went to bed and fell asleep.

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