Peter and Brian in 'Baking A Murder'

In West Wallaby Street, bakeries are closing due to a cereal killer killing all the bakers. Top Bun, owned by Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin), are doing very well. That is until they meet bread lover Piella Bakewell (Angela) and Fluffles (Jillian)...


1. Introduction

Family Guy presents:

Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin as Wallace and Gromit




Bobby South

Here comes the latest Family Guy take on the hit Wallace and Gromit short, A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Note: I do not own any of these. Wallace and Gromit were created by the never-disappointing Nick Park and Family Guy was created by the never-fail-to-make-you-laugh Seth MacFarlane.

Cast List

Peter Griffin as Wallace
Brian Griffin as Gromit
Angela as Piella Bakewell
Jillian Russell as Fluffles
Opie as Baker Bob
Tom Tucker as himself
Diana Simmons as herself
Ollie Williams as himself
Tricia Takanawa as herself
And Stewie Griffin as Feathers McGraw

The Griffins were at Quahog Airport, walking to their gate.
   "Oh, my gosh, Peter, I can't believe we're going to Egypt!" exclaimed Lois.
   "Yeah, seeing the pyramids, getting a good tan and wondering if there really is life in the universe via the pyramids," agreed Peter.
   When they got to their gate, they heard an announcement. "The flight for Egypt will be delayed for about half an hour. Sorry for any inconvenience."
   The Griffins and the passengers in at their gate groaned.
   "What do we do now?" asked Chris.
   "Well, if we leave this gate, someone else could take our seats and the plane might come earlier than it said, so let's not leave," said Brian.
   "We'll be bored," moaned Peter.
   "I don't want to read my new book until we're in the air," said Lois.
   "I didn't charge up my PSP or other electronic devices," said Chris.
   "Well, you're not having my baby rattler!" snapped Stewie. "Only I can use it."
   Everyone was then looking for Meg. "What?" she asked. "I don't have anything to say or anything to play with."
   "I guess we're living in Meg's world now," sighed Peter.
   "The only thing I can do is tell a story," said Meg. "To interest you, I can tell you a murder in a bakery story. ‘It all started one day when’…"

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