Peter and Brian in 'Baking A Murder'

In West Wallaby Street, bakeries are closing due to a cereal killer killing all the bakers. Top Bun, owned by Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin), are doing very well. That is until they meet bread lover Piella Bakewell (Angela) and Fluffles (Jillian)...


5. Gromit and Fluffles to the Rescue

But Gromit wasn't at No. 62. He was at Piella's mansion. He heard about her mentioning Fluffles's illness, but he knew it was absolutely bollocks. So he went into Piella's room and began looking for her.
   "Fluffles, where are you?" he called. "Fluffles? Fluffles?" Then he heard whimpering and it was coming from a blanket over her bed. But there was something under the blanket.
   "Hey, there," said Gromit calmly and gently, as he went to the bed. "It's all right. It's me." But, as he lifted the blanket off, it was a radio, playing Can You Feel The Love Tonight? By Elton John.
   "What the hell?" Gromit was puzzled. Then he was grabbed by… Piella!
   "Hello, Scooby Doo!"
   "Yeah, you’re just as meddling as he is," Piella chuckled. "You're smart, but not as smart as me. You came to your cell, while your master's tea party will go off with a bang. Speaking of which, you call him a master? If he's an arsehead, why do you risk your life for him?"
   "I'm not telling you!" yelled Gromit. "And I'm going to rescue him!"
   "No, you're not!" Piella open a closet and threw Gromit in with Fluffles. "Don't think that when I'm done with Baldy it'll be over. I'll take care of you two later!" She closed the door.
   Gromit was not defeated yet. He tried to open the door, but it was no good.
   "Why do you want to save your master if he's mean to you?" asked Fluffles.
   "He's not mean," answered Gromit. "He's a little thick, that's all. He is good to me most of the time. All my life, in fact.”

Gromit began to remember when he was the lonely puppy in a pet shop and Wallace was the only one who would come in and buy him. He remembered the time when toilet-training him, Wallace would do it on the mat himself just to show him. Gromit remembered all the inventions Wallace invented and tried, but failed. Now he remembered all, he was thinking of all the good times and forgetting about his long-suffering business.

"Well, how are we going to get out of here?" asked Fluffles. "I mean, this is where Miss Piella keeps all of her Bake-O-Lite balloon and stuff. Not very helpful, is it?"
   This stopped Gromit and it gave him an idea.


The clock struck four!
   "At last, my thirteenth!" cheered Piella. "My baker's dozen!"
   Then she heard fire roaring. She turned around and found Gromit and Fluffles riding on the balloon and floating away to No. 62 West Wallaby Street. She saw there was a hole in the closet and he saw Superman flying away.
   "Damn that balloon!" Piella cried. "And damn that underwear-wearing superhero! They'll be there in no time!"

It was four o'clock at No. 62.
   "Come on, lad!" cried Wallace. "What's keeping you?" He waited and waited. "Well, I'm not waiting for you any longer." So he decided to light the candles. But he just couldn't get the matches to strike a light. Then Gromit bashed in through the windows, which made Wallace jump, but also made him strike a light.
   "Don't light it!" ordered Gromit. But it was too late. Wallace lit it already. Gromit tried to put it out with the water from a vase, with a tea pot and even his own spit, much to Wallace's dismay, but it didn't work. So he picked it up and decided to take it out.
   "Oy! What the hell do you think you're doing?" asked Wallace, grabbing the cake.
   "What I always do: Save your own damn arse!" answered Gromit.
   After a quick fight over the cake, it fell down and it didn't even splat; it was plastic and had something deadly inside it.
   "Gromit! The cake is a bomb!" shouted Wallace.
   "I can see that! I knew it all along, you idiot!" Gromit sighed, bashing his head on the floor.
   "Wait! Piella gave me this cake," Wallace remembered. "Why would she want to kill me?"
   "Did it ever occur to you that Piella is the cereal killer?"
   "What? What are you talking about?"
   "He's right!" They looked ahead and saw Piella, holding a rolling pin in her left hand and Fluffles in her right hand. "He was right all along! If you listened to him… Well, you know. Now, it's too late. So do what I say or Fluffles gets bashed for good!"
   Then Fluffles bit her hand. That made Piella fall backwards. "Grab the bomb, Gromit!" she cried. "Run!"
   Gromit obeyed Fluffles.
   "You betrayed me for the last time, you stupid – " And Piella kicked Fluffles in her face.

"Get that thing away, lad!" Wallace yelled to Gromit, as the long-suffering mutt carried the bomb up to the top of the windmill.
   Gromit couldn't decide where to throw it. At one window, he saw a beach, with lots of people playing volleyball, sun-bathing, swimming in the sea or water-skiing. He tried the next window and he saw three homeless people, just sitting on the pavements with a sign, saying 'Please put us out of our misery". Gromit knew better than that, so he moved on. Then he looked ahead and saw Mount Doom in the distance.
   "That's it, lad," yelled Wallace. "Use your loaf!"
   But Gromit was bashed out of the room and he fell down into the baking pot! But, on the plus side, the bomb was now stuck on one of the windmill's arms. Not that Piella was please, but she found a way to kill Wallace with a spanner!
   "But, Piella, I don't understand!" Wallace cried as he tried to get away from her. "You're the Bake-O-Lite girl."
   "Not anymore!" she yelled. "I fell in love with my job and the bread. So much that I couldn't resist it. But then I couldn't ride that damn balloon anymore. So I got sacked and no one will hire me afterwards! And it's all thanks to the bakers and their delicious food!"
   "Then it's your fault you lost your job, not mine and not my friends' either!" protested Wallace.
   "If they make the bread in the first place, then it is. All of you!"
   But the spanner Piella was holding didn't hit him. A giant glove slammed her across the room!  They all looked ahead and that the fork truck was moving.
   "Well done, lad!" cried Wallace, as he looked at the fork truck.
   "There’s no boys here," said a female voice.
   "Lass?" It's true. Fluffles was in the fork truck and the gloves were holding two swords. She charged for Piella who had an axe. They fought as if Gimli, Son of Gloin, was fighting General Grievous.
   "Go, girl! Go, girl!" yelled Wallace, enjoying the girls watching them fight.
   But Piella knocked one of the fork truck's arms to push Wallace outside on the windmill's arms. Fluffles managed to push the axe out Piella's hands, but it flew across the room, shaking the whole windmill. That caused Wallace and the bomb on the windmill arms to fall back down into the room. It also shook the baking pot, freeing Gromit. He made his way back up and saw Fluffles nearly pushing Piella out of the window.
   "Has anyone seen the bomb?" asked Wallace, who was on scene. Everyone saw sizzling coming out of his trousers. "What? Where is it?"
   "Auf Wiedersehen, Wallace!" shouted Piella, who jumped on the balloon and began to fly away. "Your arse will never smell as bad anymore."
   "What's wrong with my arse?" asked Wallace, looking at it. It had the bomb! "Ah, Gromit! I have a bomb in my arse! Help me, Gromit! Don't just stand there!"
   "Fluffles, get to the controls!" ordered Gromit. Fluffles obeyed, while Gromit grabbed Wallace's trousers. He put a pipe into his right-hand part. "Maximum now!" yelled Gromit.
   Fluffles put it up to maximum.
   Then the dogs took cover as Wallace's trousers grew like giant tree roots and –
   The windmill blew off from the explosion and followed by it was a giant gas of breaking wind! The dogs, holding their noses, looked and saw Wallace alive and even his own arse was unhurt!
   Down below, a tour bus was driving past No. 62, when some cried, "Look! It's another moon!" And everyone took pictures of this ‘new moon’.
   Piella was angry when she saw Wallace alive. "I'm not finished with you! I'll get you next time, Wallace!" she shouted in a Dr. Claw voice.
   "But, Piella, if the balloon wouldn't hold you before, it won't hold you now!" Wallace said back.
   "But I burnt of calories, trying to kill you, and I spent a lot of energy – " But Wallace was right. The balloon was falling down into the zoo and into the crocodile pit!
   "Man, that was good!" cried the male.
   "When will the next cereal killer come next?" asked the female.
   "Who knows?"
   Then the balloon ascended into the sky, but Piella's ghost did not go to Heaven; it fell down to Hell!
   Wallace and the dogs were shocked about what happened and what they had been through. Then Wallace smiled as if he were over his ex-lover's death. "I'm going to put the kettle on," he told the dogs, exiting the mill. "You two can join me if you want."
   Gromit looked at Fluffles. "Are you coming with me?"
   "No," she said, shaking her head. "I need privacy and to make amends for those bakers I couldn't stop her from killing."
   Soon, she walked out of No. 62 and Gromit, though hurt, decided to do what's right and let her live her own life.

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