Peter and Brian in 'Baking A Murder'

In West Wallaby Street, bakeries are closing due to a cereal killer killing all the bakers. Top Bun, owned by Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin), are doing very well. That is until they meet bread lover Piella Bakewell (Angela) and Fluffles (Jillian)...


6. Fluffles Comes Back

Wallace had made himself and a very tearful Gromit a nice cup of tea. They were watching the news.
   "Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker."
   "And I'm Diana Simmons."
   "First of all, we go to Ollie Williams with the weather forecast. Well, Ollie?"
   "Damn good sunshine!" Ollie shouted.
   "Thanks, Ollie," smiled Tom. "Now, to Tricia Takanawa."
   Tricia Takanawa was at the zoo. "Well, Tom, I'm here at the Zoo, where the famous actress of the Bake-O-Lite commercials, Piella Bakewell, was eaten by this crocodile. And here's Mayor Adam West here to award this crocodile for avenging the bakers who didn't deserve to die."
Mayor Adam West appeared, putting the medal over the crocodile's head. "For avenging the bakers who didn't deserve to die," he announced, shaking claws with the crocodile.
   "Well, all I can say is I'm pleased I did my part of making the streets extra safe and that the bitch had not gotten away with it," smiled the crocodile.
   Gromit angrily turned the telly off.
   "Never mind, lad," said Wallace calmly. "We've both been through hell this week, haven't we, lad? But yours wasn’t a bread-hating-murdering cereal killer like my bitch."
   This was the first comfort that Wallace had given Gromit in years. But Gromit wasn't really letting it stink into him. "But why'd she had to go?"
   "Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn't say," sang Wallace, remembering the Beatles song. "But anyway she wanted to go and confess and make amends, but you being an atheist, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"
   Gromit was too upset to react to that.
   "Tell you what, lad, let's go and look at some hot girls at the beach," suggested Wallace. "That'll cheer us up."

So Wallace and Gromit loaded up their van with beach equipment and they began to set off when they saw out of their garage… Fluffles!

   "Fluffles?" Gromit was pleased. "You came back!"
   "Only because I have nothing to live for," explained Fluffles. "I tried everything."
   Indeed, she did. She tried working in a bank, in a post office, in a landfill, as a taxi driver, as a writer… but nothing worked out for her.
   "Anyway, come with us," offered Gromit, opening the door.
   Fluffles smiled and entered the van.
   "Always room for a small one," smiled Wallace.
   Fluffles insert a CD of Puppy Love and the three of them drove off into the sunset. But Gromit nearly hit the side of the road.
   "Careful, lad," ordered Wallace. "Focus!"
   And Gromit sighed, letting Wallace blabber crap out of his mouth.

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