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My name is Allie I live in calafornia this story is about what I swear I saw nobody believes me but I know I saw it a plan people making a plan of a war of course I'm right the war did happen everyone was stuck in homes I know I could help them but I'm a little kid what could I do by myself except get killed I don't know people in this small town of California are living with there fear and pushing hope of freedom away 

People say I'm a little kid and didn't see anything but I did and I wanted to prove it of course I waned to move to Paris or some place that is safe instead of being so frightened by your parent coming in at night and you think they are going to kill you but I didn't want to leave when everyone was right and I'm just a little kid

I knew I wasnt to go without a fight I'm going to prove that I'm right but how I couldn't get anybody to believe me so I would just have to do it myself i saw war movies and of course I know they're plan first thing was to sneak out I was frightened but I thought about all the honor I would get by saving like 100 PEOPLE but this wasn't about me I know I want it to be but it can't I did and I almost got killed

ALMOST they actually almost shot me but they didnt know it was a little kid but I don't want to be killed yet I want to prove my point how could I just do it I thought remember who is the enemy

Enemy brings me to Mr.wilt he is cruel he started this war cause his loved one Rebecca was killed by somebody who lives in California he got sent to jail of course but that wasn't enough well it was my birthday in the next 2 days and it went very slow but it was finally here and I did get sort of a birthday cake

I still made a wish I'm not sussposed to tell u but it was for hope and peace for California it was a month but on October 23 I told the commander the ''BOSS" and he believed me and they were able to fight off Mr.wilt and his crew and then by November 12 the war was over finally and I got the honors and they asked me how I did it i said its because a birthday wish came true!!!

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