May the best band WIN!!!!!

Once upon a time is the best band in the history of everything! Or at least that is what Lead Singer, Danni Morgan thinks! She started the band when she was 15 with her three best friends Tyler, Susan and Riley, when they tell her that once upon a time is up for a battle of the bands competition, Fire and Ice, what will they do and what happens when 5SOS gets involved, read may the best band win to find out


2. "Sydney cant handle us"

We finally arrived at the hotel and we could not believe how beautiful it was, our rooms had a view of the pool and the beach down the street. Riley laughed and said "the boys wont be able to handle us!" "Sydney cant handle us" I giggled and dodged the pillow she threw at me. I turned on my phone, plugged in my headphones and started singing along with Ushers Scream.

"Im gonna stretch my legs" I said to the girls and walked out the door to the room. I hummed the song and I hopped into the elevator, ramming into a tall guy. I turn apologizing and he just started laughing loudly and helped me pick up my phone and bag. It took me a long time to realize who the person I ran into was, and even then I didn't fully realize until he started talking. "So, you are pretty into that music." He said his accent was really thick, but then again we were in Australia. "Yeah," I said finally realizing it was my floor. "Bye" I said and got off before he had the chance to ask my name.

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