May the best band WIN!!!!!

Once upon a time is the best band in the history of everything! Or at least that is what Lead Singer, Danni Morgan thinks! She started the band when she was 15 with her three best friends Tyler, Susan and Riley, when they tell her that once upon a time is up for a battle of the bands competition, Fire and Ice, what will they do and what happens when 5SOS gets involved, read may the best band win to find out


4. Orange is the new blonde

Wow I said looking in the mirror hanging on Michaels wall and saw my Bright smiling face looking back at me except my hair was crazy orange. "You look hot babe!" Micky said winking at me "Thanks but do you think it is to much?" I asked suddenly thinking this may have been a bad idea "no way!" Michael said "lets go show the guys, they will love it." He gleamed at his job and pulled me out to the kitchen where Susan and Ashton were making cheese toasties and talking.

As soon as she saw my hair, Susan ran over to see me, she ran her fingers through my hair a few times and I started to get worried then she said "I LOVE IT!! And dragged me to where the girls were sitting talking to Luke and Calum.

They both were so caught up in their conversations that they didn't even see us come in but when they did Riley and Tyler smiled and came up to us and laughed, I wondered why they were laughing but then I turned around and saw Michael's hands were the same color as my hair. I laughed to and then we heard Liz talking to my mom and heard this "the boys would love to join the Fire and Ice competition!" Liz said "yeah, maybe they could join with the girls and sing a duet!" My Moms voice rang through the hotel room and we all laughed "oh yeah" Tyler said "we should sing with you guys" Susan said holding Ashton's hand proudly "ok, what song do you like?" Michael said smiling as he put his arm around my shoulders and laughed pulling me toward him, I blushed and held his hand which was resting on my right shoulder

"Lets sing, 21 guns by Green day, its my favorite!" I said and Michael laughed "its perfect!" He said and started playing his guitar. We all sang together and we sounded amazing, I hoped that we could sing together at Fire and Ice. When we finished the song, Michael looked down at me and just stared "your eyes are beautiful!" He whispered and the boys all laughed at him

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