May the best band WIN!!!!!

Once upon a time is the best band in the history of everything! Or at least that is what Lead Singer, Danni Morgan thinks! She started the band when she was 15 with her three best friends Tyler, Susan and Riley, when they tell her that once upon a time is up for a battle of the bands competition, Fire and Ice, what will they do and what happens when 5SOS gets involved, read may the best band win to find out


5. how life Changes

I turned around looking at the girls. Riley giggled with Calum on the coach, Tyler smiled with Luke and Kissed his cheek taking silly pictures of them together, Susan and Ashton were sharing earbuds and looking at photo albums of the boys, and then there was Michael and I who were just sitting hand in hand, as I thought of this I rested my head on Mikey's shoulder, smiling to myself.

I looked around and saw how much our lives had changed over the last few days, and I laughed. Michael looked at me and asked "what are you laughing at?" And I just said "will you come to the Fire and Ice competition Registration with me, I want both our bands to join together?" "I would love to" he beamed "lets get everybody Together!!!" And we went out to the boys room.

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