May the best band WIN!!!!!

Once upon a time is the best band in the history of everything! Or at least that is what Lead Singer, Danni Morgan thinks! She started the band when she was 15 with her three best friends Tyler, Susan and Riley, when they tell her that once upon a time is up for a battle of the bands competition, Fire and Ice, what will they do and what happens when 5SOS gets involved, read may the best band win to find out


3. 5SOS

I ran up the stairs up to the room, to the beat of Mrs.All American and hopped into the room. I looked up at the clock and realized it was almost 11:00. Time for bed. So I changed into my super big sweatshirt and went to sleep.

GET UP!!! Momma Manager screamed from the kitchen. We were so drowsy from the flight so I walked into the bathroom and washed my hair. I put on my Pikachu tee and my black ripped skinny jeans. I ran out of the bathroom and had a bagel for breakfast. Susan, Tyler and Riley were in the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. "Why am I the only one asleep?" Because Momma Manager didn't want you to see the 5SOS guys yet! Riley said casually. WE WILL BE LATE If YOU ARENT IN THE ELEVATOR IN THREE MINUTES!!! My Mom screamed from the hall, and we all walked to meet her.

Once we were in the elevator, we made up words to the cheesy elevator music, then to my surprise we went up two floors instead of down, "Mom?" I asked yes dear she said sounding slightly annoyed "why are we going up?" Where do you think the boys are staying dear? She asked my face got red, they are staying in the same building as us? I thought

We got out of the elevator and walked to room 345 " What are you waiting for?" My mother said impatiently as she turned the door knob herself WE ARE HERE!!! She yelled and walked in "MOM, your so rude, what if they are sleeping?" Then they should have been up already! She said loudly she was the kind of person who didn't care, she was who she was and you could deal with it, that was why she was our manager.

Hello Martha, how are you? Liz said she was Luke's mother. I was awestruck, she was even more beautiful then I thought. Hello girls, you look beautiful! She said and we smiled and Tyler beamed she and Riley snickered about Liz being Ty's future mother in law. Tyler laughed. " Come this way" Liz said and motioned for us to follow her up the hall way, we turned a corner and there sat 4 guys! One of them was the guy I ran into in the elevator, that was Ashton but I didn't recognize him because he had his sunglasses on. Upon seeing us the guys got up and came up to us.

So you are...? Calum said trying to guess our names, "ummm" he said and Ashton came over to me and said Elevator Girl and I just smiled, Michael said something to Luke and they were staring at me, so I just waved a little wave. Calum was still trying to Guess Riley's name, Ashton was trying to teach Susan his drums. While Luke was talking to Tyler about her lip piercing, which was pink today. I sat on the coach while Michael stared at me from across the room, he came over to me finally and said "the color is coming out of your hair, do you want to see my collection?" He asked with a small smile "sure" I said giggling and followed him to his room. He had a large collection and said "what color so you want?" "I don't know?" I laughed and he said "orange is hot, but blue is cool and purple is really nice!" I nodded but he grabbed the orange hair dye instead. "I thought you said purple?" I said "I did but orange is bright and pretty!" He said smiling and I blushed "are you sure you know what you are doing?" I asked nervously "yeah, no one has done this more times than me!" He said and started on my hair.

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