May the best band WIN!!!!!

Once upon a time is the best band in the history of everything! Or at least that is what Lead Singer, Danni Morgan thinks! She started the band when she was 15 with her three best friends Tyler, Susan and Riley, when they tell her that once upon a time is up for a battle of the bands competition, Fire and Ice, what will they do and what happens when 5SOS gets involved, read may the best band win to find out


1. Danni Morgan

Ugggggg! I groaned as I hopped out of bed and texted my girls, Susan, Riley and Tyler. Hey, what about brunch? I loved brunch, It was the perf.Combo of breakfast and lunch. I heard my front door open and 3 screaming teen girls entered, they talked about the same thing at different times, so I heard rambling,

Calm Down! I said pulling Tyler down on my bed and Susan and Riley sat on the floor, Now someone tell me what is going on, I said this with a huge smile on my face. Susan took the lead and said, Guess WHO GOT IN TO FIRE AND ICE! She screamed. Fire and Ice was the biggest battle of the bands competition ever and we where hoping to get in. NO WAY!!!! I screamed and My phone buzzed and I picked up, "its my mom" I said to the girls and picked up, YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE ME, she shouted into the phone. WHY?? I mimicked her shouting I GOT ONCE UPON A TIME INTO A PRIVATE GIG WITH 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER! I laughed "really" I didn't believe it, I loved Mrs. All American but how did Momma Manager pull that many strings.

TELL THE GIRLS!!!! She yelled and then hung up. She was on speaker so obviously the girls already knew and they were dancing around my room, we each had our favorite band member. I liked Mikey, Susan loved Ash, Riley had a thing for Calum and Tyler had a lip piercing to match Luke's.

Susan pulled her Dark Brown hair into a ponytail and squeaked "Do you think Ashton would like this, Riley pulled her own black hair up and brushed it out of her face, as if trying to help Tyler was starring at her poster of Luke and grabbed a baseball cap, securing her own caramel colored mop, seeing all the girls messing with their hair I turned my attention to my own blonde bob, I needed to redo my streak's the blue and pink coloring was fading and needed touched up.

We also needed to change before our flight so I grabbed my Blue jeans, a Paris, London, New york Tee and converse, I also grabbed my beanie and Red lipstick. When I finally left the room I went into the kitchen to find Susan in a pink flower skirt and white blouse, she also wore a brown leather belt and sandals, Riley left her room wearing a sweetheart neckline top and pink shorts along with her black ankle boots. When Tyler finally came out from her room she wore a simple plaid tee over a black tank top and black jeans with her red heels.

We were going to get on the plane and go to Sydney, but when we went to land, we got on a bus and headed for our hotel.

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