Rebuilding Me ( Sequel to Aaliyah Minaj a Princeton Love Story

This is the continuation of Aaliyah Minaj A Princeton Love Story. If you havent read that i suggest you do so, before you read this one.


6. What A Date..

*ali's pov*

So, niqua finally got settled in.. it was about time!! making all this noise and stuff.
Right now.. Im in the living room plaiting Shay's hair.. I think my finger is stuck
in her hair..
Jae: *runs in screaming* ALLIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!
Me: *rips finger out of shay's hair* WHAT!!!!
Shay: *runs off crying*
Jae: You know diggy simmons??
Me: The rapper??
Jae: No the flamingo.. Yes the rapper..
Me: yes.. I know him..
Jae: He called me just now..
Me: Okay.. and...
Jae: AND!!! He wants to go out on a date with you tonight at 6pm!!
Me: WOOOOOOOO! *screams* Why didnt he call me instead??
Jae: He was like *mocking his voice* I didnt have her number*
I was like watever..
Me: COOL! Where though??
Jae: He said he was sending a limo!!!!
Me: Ohh Classy!!!!! 
Jae: Ik!!!
Me: Im gunna go find shay....
So I go upstairs... and i hear some giggling children in the bathroom..
I walk into the bathroom.. and stopped dead in my tracks..
Me: Oh. My. God.
D: MOMMY! Look lily pads!!!!!
Ray: No!! There really big band aids!!!!
These kids covered the floor and themselves with pads... Just omfg..
These arent mine...
N+J: MINE!!!!! *Runs Upstairs*
Me: You too share???
N: yes is there an issue???
Me: yes look in the bathroom...
N: Oh my gosh!!
Me: you too clean it up!!! its yours!!!!!
J: You suck!!!
Me: Well..
I finally finished doing shay's hair!! so yeah!! I need to get ready for my date!!!
I run upstairs in to my room. I take a nice bubble bath in lavender (classy)
I get out and blah blah blah.. I put on 
I straightened my hair.. put on a lil make up and lip gloss!!! I looked in the mirror!
Me: you are one studmuffin :p
Jae: Do you always do that..
Me: *jumps* WTF is wrong with you!!
Jae: *laughs* The Limo is ready for you!!!!
Me: Lol! Okay bye!!
I walked out to the limo.. the driver helped me in.. I sat in there Lonely.. It
was actually all nice and stuff.. About 15 minutes later, the limo
door was being opened..
Driver: We're here miss..
He helped me out..
Me: Thank you...
I walked into this elegant resturant... It was real nice.
Then i saw Diggy... Where a tux and looking cute. he was holding a rose.
He walked up to me and handed to me..
Me: Thank you *smiles*
Diggy: A pretty flower.. for a pretty lady.. 
Me: Awh!!
D: lets go sit:)
Me: Okay..
He took my hand and we walked to a table.. it was square and had a pink silk table cloth!!
He helped me sit down..
Waiter: hello.. Im your waiter chuck.. What would you like to drink??
Me: Um... Sweet tea.
W: you sir?
D: Coke :p
W: Right up..
Me: So.. You wanted to go on a date with me?
D: Yes. i have for a while.. but i heard you were w/ prince.. so i never did.
me: dont worry about him.. he is nothing... dead..
D: but yes.. i wanted to get to know you better...
me: what did you want to know..
D: everything just tell me everything...
Me: Well... Im 20.. I have a 4 y.o boy.. I like to sing.. I live
with two of my bff's and their kids.. and im single and ready to mingle..
D: Oh really?? whats your sons name??
Me: Dominic Michael Minaj.
D: He sounds cool..
Me: he's such a mess..
The waiter came back with the drinks..
W: Would you like to order...
D: Im ready are you??
Me: Of course.. Um ill have A Chicken Salad.. I want the chicken fried
and no salad...
W: So.. You just want fried chicken..
Me: yes.. is this an issue!!! cause i will fix it!!!!!
W: No... No.. ma'am... And You sir..
D: *chuckles* Ill have a steak.. Med. Rare.. and fires..
W: That will be here shortly!!
D: haha.. are you always mean!!
me: lol no!! but he tried to tell ME!!! what I!!! wanted!!
D: Lol. all you had to do was say fried chicken!!!
Me: No.. thats not classy!
D: haha.. Whatever... So. have you thought of actually settling down.
Me: Well.. I have.. but i havent found no one yet..
D: Oh.. I think Dominic needs a father figure.. Instead of being surrounded by women..
Me: Well. he has ray.. Thats Jaelyn's baby!
D: Thats not enough *laughs*
Me: Shut up *giggles*
Our food comes and we eat blah blah!!!!! we pay the check and stuff..
We walked back out to the limo.. He got in too..
D: Want some champange??
Me: Sure..
He poured bout me and him a glass..
D: Okay... Aaliyah.. What would it take for you to be my girlfriend??
Me: *chokes* what..
D: I know this is all sudden.. but i like you and i want to be your boyfriend!!
Me: then i say erm yes!!!
Me: Of course!!!!!!
D: yes!! cool!
He randomly kissed me.. We enjoyed our way back to my house..
I got out the limo..
Me: Thanks for a lovely night..
D: Your welcome babe!! I talk to you later..
Me: KK bye!!!!!
I walked inside..
I took of my heels...
J: You gunna tell us..
I threw each heel and both of them..
Me: YOUR NOSEY!!!! Alot happened!! AND IT WAS FUN!!!!!! *laughing*


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