Rebuilding Me ( Sequel to Aaliyah Minaj a Princeton Love Story

This is the continuation of Aaliyah Minaj A Princeton Love Story. If you havent read that i suggest you do so, before you read this one.


4. Ummmm..

*Ali's POV*

We got inside and guess who was in my house..
Prodigy was in my house wearing a tux and holding a flower..
Wait how did he get in my house.
Me: Dominic, Ray.. Go show Shayla the gameroom upstairs..
D: Okay...
The kids ran up the stairs..
Jae: How did you get in here.
Prod: The maid's let me in. Can i talk to Aaliyah for a minute..
Jae: Sure..
Jae walked into the other room. Prod got a lil closer to me.
He handed me the rose.
Me: Thanx...
Prod: I wanted to talk to you...
Me: About..
Prod: Us.. Ali.. I like you. I always have.. I was so mad
when Prince was dating you because i wanted to be your boyfriend not him
Me: Um.. Last time i checked you are an A** I have never liked
you since that day my mom forced me to do meet yall.. Its all her
fault im in this stuff.
Prod: Well.. I like you. Its just that.. When i met you.. I didnt know what
to say...
Me: So your saying.. You insulting me.. and saying really rude words to me
is your of liking me??
Prod: *smiles* yes....
Me: Okay hold on....
I go into the kitchen and got a cup.. I filled it with apple juice and walked back to 
Me: Okay close your eyes..
Prod: Okay.. *closes eyes*
Me: This is what im gunna do.. in response of you liking me..
Prod: Alright..
I dumped the apple juice all over himm.
Prod: WTF was that for....
Me: I will never like you!!!! I will never forgive you!! Your gunna be just like
prince.. Im never gunna talk to you.. and if you try to get near me 
we're going to have some major problems.. You got me..
Prod: You're such a b****
Me: You havent been through nothing i have.. Once you had a life
like me, you would understand how it changes your POV!
He ran out my house as soon as Niq was coming in..
Me: Maria!!!! Can you clean this up!!!
M: Yes!!!!
Me: What took you so long to get here..
N: I had to get some some mover guys....
Me: Where are they...
Then there was this shadow over me. It went like completely dark..
I looked up and saw two 6'7 black guys.. There were buff as heck.. And scary...
Me: Um hi..
??: Hi im Shirley and thats dave..
Me: *Laughs* Shirley!!! ahahah 
S: Yah. gotta problem!!!!
Me: o.o No... No... Okay.. Niqua. Your room is up the stairs down the hall.. And the 
3rd door on the right.. and Shay's is the across from yours..
N: Okay!!! Lets go men time to bring in the stuff..
I go into the room with Jae..
Jae: So what did he want.
Me: He told me he liked me.. I think he wants to date me.
Jae: And you said..
Me: I rejected him..
Jae: You're wrong for that...
Me: Well...


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