Rebuilding Me ( Sequel to Aaliyah Minaj a Princeton Love Story

This is the continuation of Aaliyah Minaj A Princeton Love Story. If you havent read that i suggest you do so, before you read this one.


8. The Wedding!!!!!!

*Ali's POV*

The girls were helping me with my dress and stuff.. I was so nervous.
Im more scared... 
Jae: Ali you look beautiful!!!
Me: Thank you Jae... I cant believe it...
jae: What..
me: that im getting married..
Jae: Yes.. It only seems like yesterday we were all 16 and doin music.
Me: Yah. I wish Keke was here though..
jae: yeah...
My mom came in....
Mom: Its time girls..
The girls went out....
Mom: Aaliyah you look gorgeous...
Me: thanks.
Mom: Im so proud of you! I hope you know that.. You have came so far in life..
I Love You Girl..
Me: I love you to..
Mom: Now go out there....
I walked down the hall.. and my brother was there.. he was going walk me out..
He took me by the arm and started walkin down the aisle... everyone was looking at me..
i wanted to cry.. Everyone also looked so pretty....
We got to the stand and diggy helped me up.. He took my hands and looked at me...
( Pssh.. i dont know what them preachers be sayin so ima make up stuff)
Preacher: Here we have ms. Aaliyah nicole Minaj.. and daniel simmons...
Ali say your thing...
Me: Daniel, When i first met you.. you were strange... I didnt know why you wanted
to date me.. I was lost and confused, and you cleared me. You gave my son a fatherly
figure that he deserved, and he loves you for that and so do I. Im 
very glad i said yes, and i love you..

People: Awh...

Preacher: Okay Daniel..
Daniel: Aaliyah.. For my life when i found out about you.. I always wanted you too be mine..
you either couldnt date, or you were with someone.. So i never had a chance. When 
you said yes to date me, i felt like a new person.. You are so beautiful... I love
your son.. He feels like he is my own... and i want to be with you forever.. I love you..

People: Awhh..

Preacher: Aaliyah.. Do you take Daniel to be your lovely wedded husband..
For poor or for rich.. for sickness and health.. etc..

Me: I do..

Preacher: Daniel.. Do you take Aaliyah to be your lovely wedded wife.. 
For poor or for rich.. for sickness and health etc..

Daniel: I do..
Preacher: rings..
Shay came down the aisle throwing flowers while dominic came with the rings..
Preacher: Put on the rings..
We put on the rings..

Preacher: Does anyone object of these two being married. If so speak now,
or forever hold your peace..
Then someone busts through the door... It was Prince....
Prince: STOPP!!!!!! I OBJECT!!!!!
People: *gasps*
Me+diggy: what!!!!


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